Call of Duty Warzone: Leak des Anti-Cheat

Already a short time after its idea, the kernel drivers of the anti-cheat system was ricochet of the ego-shooter Call of Duty: Warzone already lacted. But in war, love and fight against cheaters, everything is allowed: also use of fog candles, backtelles and double floors.

Now it is said that this was planned from the beginning. As Vice reports, anonymous sources speak of a sophisticated plan that has convinced the leak of Ricochet deliberately with the attackers behind the attackers.

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Because Activision had already provided the system for some players in advance. The official Twitter account of Call of Duty confirmed the rumors around the planned leak and wrote, you have selected selected third parties with a pre-release version of the [kernel] drivers .

One wanted to attend the cheat developers and the benefit of a pre-release version should also complicate the cracking of the finished system. One of the sources mentioned by Vice said: This will only help people who have cracked the first version anyway. The less advanced cheaters are damned anyway, as they do not have the necessary skills to the kernel driver Decrypt.

Paul Chamberlain, who led the anti-cheat team of Riot Games and involved in the development of the anti-cheat system Vanguard, can quite understand this strategy: Of course they do not want the cheat community to start early The driver comes, but that is actually unavoidable if you use any form of the public test. As long as you have tested with a non-release recycle version [...], the only consequence is that Cheat developers have a small lead have. Running a public test is probably much more valuable for Activision than the bit of extra secrecy.

How the Activity Plan affects the implementation of Ricochet in Call of Duty: Warzone (Buy Now) remains to be seen. At least one seems to have an idea, how to continue the fight against the cheaters to provide players as fair gaming experience.

Source: Vice / Call of Duty on Twitter

From Jonas Höger author 18.10.2021 at 20:11