Change the past with time lies! Beautiful Inaku Painting Dot Painting Chinese Myths ADV The Rewinder-Traveler from Yosu- [Chinese Game Listening]

Chinese game Memoirs the 92 th was the motif of myth and folklore of China, traveler - from The rewinder - reading Ink painting style pixel art is beautiful Time Leap adventure game (Chinese name It will deliver the Sankai traveler ).

This work was developed by MistyMountainStudio (Yunshan drizzle work room), it was delivered by Steam on September 10, 2021 by Gamera Game. Wei Xinyu Mr. founder and developer of MistyMountainStudio is, learn the AI ​​technology in the United States, it was not belong to Disney research. He stood think I want to work a combination of technology and art , established MistyMountainStudio after returning to China. He dug the Chinese culture and folklore, we aim to develop the game world-class. The development team is composed of a long member of living abroad, it is the work making that capture the Chinese traditional culture from an international perspective.

Although the contents of this work, against the background of the traditional mythology world and folklore of China, unique fantastic point-and-click type adventure game that the world was on the stage. As one of the literature on which to base the fantasy world, it will include ancient Chinese geography, the term Classic of Mountains and Seas . There is also a description of the people various monsters and God is in it, is a book that can be called China myth Dictionary . It may also be used as the original story of the monster in the game.

The feature of this work, would be beautiful pixel art of still Ink painting style. Initially it seems to have thought also to move the ink painting, because the small indie game studio from the fact that there is a limit to the budget and technology, seems to have figured out a method to Ink painting style by applying a filter to the pixel art. Or it became what kind of game, let s immediately play!

Reverse dream nurses and black-and-white impermanence

When you start the game, movies that tell the game background will flow. There is a war, the dead souls wandering the earth, the specter is rampant world. (Take the dead to the afterlife, black impermanence and white impermanence of 2 God) black-and-white impermanence seen heavy this, can follow the memory of the soul reverse dream nurses the situation then hit the settling. When will soon peaceful world, reverse dream teacher who began the seclusion to avoid the conflict.

Savage the reversal from the opening, in the sense of the air that has divided Ireland, it is the reverse dream teacher of the hero Nanakumo (the left side of the image of a person), servant of Akirakokoro (right side of the image of a person) appeared. A moving pixel art has put a good taste.

Akirakokoro is to say that customers came , Nanakumo is wanted PITA not meet because I want to reading with a cup of tea . Akirakokoro but tried to Oikaeso guests, dog down payment (a kind of gold bullion) know the reward as soon as Nanakumo was out referred to as Do not also have just resting. Bring in a hurry. I thought a hermit, it is a vulgar hero.

Appeared is given, black impermanence . It is God that take the soul of the sinner to the other world. Toka reward is not the be open gate no, you guys lazily Christmas Eve pattern with your angry. Because white impermanence also are coming, to prepare Come to Kawabe, he went away Inokoshi with.

He will be able to act. A, left and right movement D key , or place you want to go in mouse click (switching of running , walk in the shift key or double-click). ? mark out the location when the cursor is examined in the click. At the moment, the pad does not accept only a direction input, it will be basically the operation of the mouse and keyboard.

If you go to Kawabe, white impermanence were waiting aboard the boat. Unlike black impermanence, it is a small word count. Since it is said to ride a boat, let s follow. By the way Akirakokoro is garbled in the book called Fukumaroku , we went with seven cloud.

Seven cloud who advance the river in the boat. According to the black impermanence of the story, in the village of foot Kawamura , that of the dozens of soul had disappeared. Local land public also to hear the circumstances contact the (land of God), there is no reply. Very much White Lotus religion seem at stake in the incident.

Speaking of White Lotus, it is a religious group that is also known by farmers revolt of the original generation end-stage Red Turban Rebellion . ShuHajime Akira that caused the Ming was also a White Lotus Muslims. Before long they have been heresy to handle, but cause a large-scale revolt in the Qing Dynasty, will lose the crush has been force.

Arrival on the banks. Black-and-white impermanence re in Nanakumo, it gives a survey of the legs Kawamura, a mission to find the soul. Nanakumo is referred to as Iro wait to prepare the gold bullion of remuneration , I went to the village with Akirakokoro.

Chase the mystery of legs Kawamura!

After a while proceed to the right, I found the Goz Horsehead is a hell of a demon. Apparently here it sounds like the underworld. It seems to be the gatekeeper of demon City , but that of the not yet is open. Let s come again later.

When you click the top left of the screen book of the icon, so far the story and of, you can view such as the description of the characters, a proper noun. Or no longer know the content, when the words do not know came out is, you may If you look here.

Further advance and, appeared demon difference . Because you have forgotten the name of the living, we call for convenience as a demon difference . Previously, seems to be helped on the seventh cloud, it will be asked as in order to remember things alive, I want you to collect the rare flowers along the way. It seems to be a sub-quest ones.

When the ride to what looks like the transfer device, we arrive at the foot Kawamura. It sounds like the left side of the well is in communication with the underworld. On the right side of the bulletin board, and a warning to that White Lotus is disturbing the world, personal request that I want to find a pair of scissors was attached.

Upon entering the house, I came out the ghost of the box. Intently and rash, it seems to be calculating something. Will his lifetime was something merchant. It has abacus on the side of the desk is placed. Let s examine.

When you click the abacus, you will enlarge the screen. You can be moved by click on the ball of the abacus. The book lists the money. It s solved the mystery here. At the top left of the screen, when you click the Akirakokoro of the icon, will tell you a hint. However, because the status quo is not enough information, not solved yet.

Village to no popular, there was a woman. But whether she is a human or not ghosts, not to distinguish on the seventh cloud. When I asked to try, it is mistaken for Taoists, at last earnestly are warning, could not be drawn out any information.

Proceed to the back of the village, we arrived at the shrine of the land public. By someone, it had been subjected to a seal. The black-and-white impermanence did not get in touch with the land public, This is It is a reason.

When you click the seal, you will enlarge the screen. You must solve the puzzle here. Since this film in some cases be required under preparation for solving a puzzle, when the way to solve do not know, it would be a good idea to look elsewhere.

Traced back the space-time from Kiyoshidan!

Continue with the search of the village. Other than women of previous mystery, we do not have any people. Crops also result withered. I found a pharmacy, but does not open it takes is the key to the gate.

There is a cave, but it does not put in could not get the gate of rock. When you click the gate, it solves again mystery. This would be a puzzle of Manma seen. Chaimashou solving and crispy.

Gate of stone open, was placed in the cave. If you examine the wall, the pattern of something. that? This I just now ....

Further proceed to the back, there was a four gods of the mural. That it is before are equipped with Kiyoshidan . Kiyoshidan will appear in the space-time that monster occur frequently, it can only reverse dream nurses back in time to take advantage of this. However at the time of use, you will need to bring a piece of memory . It seems to follow the past from memory.

When I went to another place, will-o -the-wisp had floated. In order to scare off requires something surgery, but it does not have to be able to at the moment. Also let s put aside. But we are now exploring the village the most part, human (?) Is it is about just women.

Solve the mystery of the sealed, we were able to enter the shrine of the land public. But land public is absent. He seems to have to be something offerings. If you want to use the possession item, because the item column is displayed when you move the cursor to the top of the screen, please drag and drop to the right place.

Upon exiting from the shrine of land public, woman of the previous mystery I went entered into the house. She also hung a voice to women chasing after, just have to say something rash.

If you examine the cupboard, it takes a long lock of dial-up. You can move the dial, but does not know the number. Let s hold once.

If we examine the balance of the wall, now the puzzle mode to expand. It has some reason here only the text has become written in English. The same thing is a mark that was in the lock of the previous dial-up, it is drawn to the surface of the weight. in short…….

When the offerings of the items that were collected, land public has appeared. An attempt was made to listen to the village of the situation, I had been in the first place sealed, I do not know what happened in the outside and things. After hearing the story before it is sealed, we got the key to the drugstore.

If you go to the pharmacy, I was looking for the But there was Fragments of memory is, deprived of the body to suddenly appeared in ghost, has become the spiritual body. To retake the body, it should explicitly Harashi the curse of spirits.

From the items relating to the storage , seven cloud dating back to the past by the force of the reverse dream teacher. And pregnant wife, conversation of the husband of herbs up began. Her wife is she knows the rumors that there are monsters in the village fear, but she says I do not want to stay at home. I want you to take me to work , her husband is not such as monster . not me Toria and remain in the house. Apparently this is due to death of her wife and the stomach of the child, her wife seems to have turned into her vengeful spirit a grudge against her husband.

To return to the earlier of the cave, using the fragments of memory. Return to the past of the time the couple was alive, by rewriting the history, create a future in which his wife is not a ghost. At the bottom of the screen bar represents the elapsed time, the villagers will the behavior over time. If you can not achieve the objectives within the time the game is over (again allowed).

In the past, Nanakumo the villagers, can not be physical contact. Instead, he will give a clue from people thinking, to use it you can change the thinking of others. If her husband is that it is the cause of death that left her wife in the house, do I Unagase her wife to take to her work. Within the time limit, a combination of clues obtained in the village, let s Yari to change the behavior by stimulating the thought of her husband. Really whether it is possible to save the couple, followed by Please try to play by all means in his hand.

Ink painting style pixel art is beautiful Time Leap ADV

This work by changing the history back to the past, will also change the current situation when you come back. For example, in a scene of trees are cut down not proceed ahead it is to change the thinking of the person who cut down the trees in the past, will also change the current if brought into so as not to cut. However, only solved the one of the causes, even that does not change the status quo. Such as going to identify the what what is the real cause , I there is a reasoning game specific fun.

It can be said that the liver of this work is past reform part, but, because there is a number of restrictions to get the necessary clues from human thinking, what must assess whether or not important. It is possible to retry, you might want to try to experiment.

Currently, the Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) and English only, but there is no Japanese support, so are also scheduled the launch of Nintendo switch, it seems that any Japanese translation also enter. If you are interested in mythology and folklore of China, those who like Time Leap was, please try by all means play this work.

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The Rewinder-Traveler from Yellow Springs- Development and sales: MistymountainStudio, Gamera Game Target OS: Windows, MacOS Regular price: ¥ 1,520 yen Support Languages: Chinese (Simplified, Traditional), English Store page: https: //

※ Some of the game titles and united nouns used in this article are replaced simplified and traditional characters with Japanese kanji due to technical limitations.

■ I introduced the author: Watanabe Chang, writes Chinese things. His philosophy to excavate and provide unknown fun . He likes history and simulation game board games, minor game .com minor game TV . Sangokushi , Sanki Dei , Saiyuki , Seisuke Emoraki (Koseisha), Literature Shonen and Destinous Books (Poplar Co., Ltd. (Bunshun Bunko) etc. Author Twitter, Minor Game .com Twitter.