Chemnitz must do without Zickert for the time being

OSTSPORT.TV | FSV Optik Rathenow - FC Carl Zeiss Jena | SP15 Already in the 17th minute, the away game at Optik Rathenow (2: 1) was finished on Saturday for Zickert. The central defender had to be replaced injured. The diagnosis received the players and his club after incoming examinations on Monday evening: Zickert pulled out a tore of the front outer tape and a crack of the rear outer band in the right ankle joint. Since the ankle was still very swollen on Monday, I m glad that it is nothing worse. My goal is to get fit as quickly as possible and soon to be able to stand back soon, explained the Routinian. How exactly the defense man has to pause, the CFC allowed to open first. Zickert will be for the upcoming lots . A herber loss for the table-minded, finally missed replacement captain Zickert before the injury-related replacement on Saturday no single playing time this season.