Death Stranding Director s Cut Tips - How to Turn New Stealth

Although it is not a completely new game, Death Stranding Director s Cut adds an impressive amount of new content. There are new story missions, new tools and items and even a racetrack and a new vehicle, the roadster, to unlock. But how can you access all this?

First, the new missions that are mainly based on Stealth (they must not be sneaked, but it becomes harder to deal with the Mules). These are available in Episode 2 and you must go to the Distribution Center West in Capital Knot City. If you have already finished this episode, do not worry. Die-Hardman will call and provide a new order that leads you here. Get at the terminal Order 77: Collection: Cargo Discovered in the Ruined Factory and you will receive the Maser Gun, one of the new weapons. Travel with a vehicle to the Ruined Factory (located in the east) to start the mission.

After completion of the mission, the support skeleton is unlocked for production. You can also access Order 78: Stealthy Collection: Data from the Ruined Factory Interior, the next big story mission at this place. Complete this and you will receive Order No.79: Data Transfer Unit To the Ruined Factory, which rounds these series new story missions. View the videos below with the kind permission of The Gaming Circle to get tips for successfully completing any order.

How to unlock new tools and structures

Let s take a closer look at the new items and tools that can be activated in Director s Cut. As mentioned above, the Maser Gun is activated after the acceptance of command 77 and offers a non-fatal option to turn off enemies. It shoots a continuous electric ray that shocks enemies and slows down until it faints. In view of the meaning of camouflage in the missions of the Ruined Factory, it is particularly useful there.

I Played 55 Hours Of Death Stranding Director's Cut, Here Are The Differences (Review/Overview) The support skeleton is activated after completion of order 77 and offers SAM a new terrain exoskeleton for equipping its movement speed. The buddy bot is unlocked after completion of Order 83 for manufacturing. It works essentially as a servant, follows Sam and bears freight, which allows even more load capacity. Sam can also ride on the bot or activate the delivery mode. In this way, the Buddy offered cargo supplies for you and is a great way to automate tasks while it is busy doing other orders.

The Cargo Catapult is available in Episode 5 and is a PCC (Level 2) equipment. In this way, you can load essentially freight about pods in the catapult and shoot them. It is then possible to use a parachute and control its descent. While this is not the most direct method for the delivery of packages, but can reduce the load when crossing rough terrain when picking up the package on the way to your destination.

Chiral bridges can also be made with a PCC and act as smaller bridges. If you want to cross a gap with a vehicle such as a motorcycle, but do not have the materials for a normal bridge, a Chiral Bridge is a great alternative. You can also use the new JUMP RAMP that allows you to accelerate over larger distances (and to run some sweet tricks on a bicycle). This is also available for manufacturing via the PCC.

How to unlock the racetrack and the Roadster

If you ve ever thought of participating in races around the world, then the racetrack may be worth investing. It essentially offers standard options for races along with evaluated races where you try to beat the times of other players. There are some decent rewards that you can win with ranking games, so it s a nice pastime. To unlock it, you must first execute Order No. 35: Prototype Delivery: Distribution Center south of Lake Knot City. Thomas Southerland should then inform you about the route by e-mail.

Embark in the southernmost part of the central region, south of the Timefall farm, and find the Racetrack terminal. The construction of the route requires 450 metals, 400 ceramics and 130 chiral crystals. The Racetrack should then be complete and you can drive immediately with the Roadster race.

If you want to take the roadster for a spin-off of the racetrack, you must complete a race with the vehicle. After that, the design is available for production. Remember that it is best for normal roads and not for rough terrain (unless you want a challenge).