FIFA would have demanded EA Sports to pay twice as to renew the brand of its successful soccer simulator

A week ago the news jumped: EA Sports is considering a name change for FIFA. The reasons after this possible decision are not arbitrary, nor much less, but the consequences of complicated discussions to renew the license between Electronic Arts and the maximum organization of world football.

FIFA would also want to be several commercialization rights Since the brand In this regard, and always according to The New York Times, the organism chaired by Gianni Infantino has asked the videogame company to renew its contract for the Use of the brand. To access, those responsible for Madden NFL, FIFA could enter 1,000 million dollars every four years . In addition, it adds the report, the International Football Federation also wanted Put the monetization of EA Sports on the brand beyond the videogame itself , Most likely in an effort to look for new sources of rights for rights I would keep , what Electronic Arts would currently be opposing.

EA & FIFA: A 30-year agreement

The relationship between FIFA and EA Sports began in 1993, with the first installment of a franchise that today has generated more than 20,000 million dollars in sales, and which currently offers the International Federation 150 million dollars per year by An agreement that was renewed for 10 years in 2013 .

FIFA Delivers Major Blow To EA With Plans To Target EA's Monopoly On Football Video Games

By the end of this year, explains NYT, there could be news in one or another sense. What is clear is that in Electronic Arts do not stay with the arms crossed and already think about a future beyond FIFA, registering in Europe the brand of EA Sports FC, and confirming in a recent communiqué such possibility, something that some Industry analysts still see as a possible lantern in the negotiation .

However, in the newspaper report is deepened in the different variables that would be considering both EA and FIFA to not renew their society. For example, the developer would not see of vital importance to maintain your business renew an agreement for the use of a brand and rights to adapt a championship to videogame, the World Cup, which takes place every four years.

It will be taken to wait for the next weeks to know if in 2023 we will say goodbye to one of the sagas that has most been accompanied by each year in the industry. As long as that moment arrives, today we have known that EA Sports has renewed its collaborative agreement with FIFPro, the International Footballers Federation, to guarantee offer the greatest and most authentic football experience over the next few years .