[Gemata] Basketball NBA Nau 22

Sad Satan is a PC game built with the Fear Engine, first reported on the YouTube network Obscure Horror Edge on June 25, 2015. Following first reviews, the channel s video clip of the game was selected by a variety of English-language publications and also later on worldwide. The designer of the game was apparently a guy from Lubbock, Texas called Gary Graves. The present whereabouts of Obscure Scary Corner are unidentified.

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[Eye News 24 Moon Young-soo] Com2us, which has been a new new, who has been steadily showing sports games such as baseball and golf. This time, the NBA Naun 22 , which was made of US professional basketball NBA, released on the global market.

NBA Nau 22 is a real basketball game that has acquired NBA official licenses. Actually, you can summon your own team, and you can make your own team. If you are a sports game, you can also enjoy the management mode that can not be missing.

Unusual was that this game has implemented a control method that allows the game to play only one finger on the vertical screen. Usually, in the case of a sports action game, it felt fresh if you have a lot of manipulating a player with both hands based on the horizontal screen.

Controls are simple. After touching the finger on the circular shape controller at the center of the screen, the player moves by manipulating it in the desired direction. Also, if you swipe on the left side, you may have a pass on the player in the left orientation and to shoot a shot. At this time, the timing bar is generated and the success rate is increased when the fingers are released at the appropriate moment.

When a defense is used, it is designed to enable blocking to block or steal the opponent s ball. At first I was a little awkward, so I was able to make a lot of mistakes, but I was able to play a game without a crowd. The latest game is the taste that graphics are also implemented as pool 3D.

When the game is manipulated like this, a user can be selected for three minute or 12 minutes. Also, I heard that when each quarter was finished, I was able to follow the next quota to the next quarter, or after I came back later. Originally, this mobile game has to be able to take a short time for a moment to get rid of this.

In addition to basketball games, arcade modes that can be enjoyed with a light mind is also implemented. As if you play a rhythm action game, touch a basketball-shaped icon that falls to the timing, you can see a brilliant dunk serenone. It seems to be a good idea to cool the head.

Like this, NBA Naun 22 is worth a basketball game that appeared in the flood of RPG genre. It is noteworthy if a NBA fan is looking for a new sports game.


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