Hellblade: Seuna s Sacrifice Ears in the voices of the voices-Solid sound listening [English pickled in the game 82]

Today is October 31, Halloween production, waiting for everyone. Besides, the day of the UK Guy Forks Day and Mexican Death and Mexico will overlap this week. It would be a lure tako that Halloween is a Celtic Cultural Sawin, but at the same time, when Celebrating the Promotion of Summer and the New Year s arrival, the soul of the dead was a horrible night that overflowed the soul and the other world. Sacrifice was dedicated to prevent disasters and burned with flames. It is also done to prevent changing, so-called god hidden to mate children.

Hellblade: Sauna s Sacrific (Sauna s Sacrific to be taken this time is the story of the Celtic woman warrior Sauna. To save her dead lover, take into a horrible world weave to weave Nordic mythology. Halloween origin feels inherently about the world of death. Modern changed nature to a costume party event, but if you are bored with zombie costumes, how is the adventure of the underworld that the evil spirits walk?

This work is incorporated with a headphone, and the binaural sound has been incorporated, and you can also experience audiors who suffer from SEUNA. Multiple wolf voices can hear from four ways, and there is also the effect of the epidemic ASMR. Subtitles will also be displayed in this hallucination, but only some of them are listed, and you can only hear yourself to understand the whole thing you hear. It is a part that is very unusual to run directly to the gimm tip.

For example, in this scene where subtitles are not displayed,

You Have To Take A Closer Look to See!

Why Isn t She Focusing?

She She Needs To Focus Now!

SHE NEEDS To Use Her Eyes Her...

Multiple voices talk to several seconds at a few seconds. This is a scene that uses concentrated operation for the first time, so there is a visual hint, but it is shown that it is important to follow the voice. The voice of the narrative that the subtitles goes down will stand out, but the other voices play a major role in the progress of gameplay.

Since the works of using the binaural sound are rare, it is quite special as a listening environment. Voices come out suddenly from all directions, but this will make your hearing in alert mode, so the awareness of hearing is more likely to be more likely to be more than usual. As you don t overlap the voice, you will be able to focus on the information from the ear without relying on the video and subtitles.

Let s look at this scene that arrived at Helheim, how much the sentence other than the displayed subtitles will be displayed. It is displayed in this way on subtitles.

Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 - Official Reveal Trailer | The Game Awards 2019 But His Soul His Soulheim.his Soul Hi Still Lives.She Needs To Lay Him to Rest. She She -ll Never Save Him.She CaN t Let Him Rot Here.she ll Need To Try.

This will be done by adding voices that are not displayed in subtitles.

But His Soul His IN Helheim.



She Needs To Save His Soul.

SHE Wants His Soul.


He is Dead.

HE is Already Dead.

She Can t Save Him.

There s Nothing She Can Do.

A voice nearly doubled is actually played. I m anxiety, advise, scallow, and think of the first house, but it is also the existence that watches the dangerful helheim s exposure. When you can not go ahead, you may have a breakthrough with your voice.

Apart from the narrative, it is a man of Druth that leads Seuna to the world of Nordic mythology. Seuna knows Nordic myth that DruTH heard from Viking called Northman. The hallucination of Seuna sees DruTH greatly affects.

You Must Leave The Isles of Orkney Across The Eastern Sea and Find A Road That Leads North and Down Through Deep Dark Valleys.

After 9 Nights of Riding You Will Follow and Great River and Find A Bridge Covered in Gold, The Path To Helheim Goes from THERE.

After across the Oakney s islands to the eastern sea and find the path following the north, down the dark valley. After 9 night boat trips, if you follow the large river, a glossy bridge will be found. It is the way to Helheim.

The Oakney Islands are the director at the northern end of the UK, as directed to the Sk Jinavian Peninsula. You can see that it has been quite severe before the main story starts.

Recently, there is also an increasing number of immersive works with UI, and this type will generally increase the listening power required by the player. In VR, displaying subtitles itself will prevent the field of view, so it will be more important to train your ears.

Practice Problem: Translate the next line.

The Fire-Giants Dwell in Muspellsheim, Niflheim Is The World of Ice and Darkness.

Only The Dead Dwell in Helheim-and That Is Where You Must Travel.

Description of the Nordic Mythology World by DruTH. Gem Spa Reader will be a common sense level, but let s translate along the original.