I needed : Hinze Salvation no reason for sparkling wine

Emma Hinze was overall again. With gold medal around the neck and rainbow jersey on the body, the 24-year-old exceptional athlete enjoyed the moments of the Triumph s railway wheel Vélodrome of Roubaix. Here is a photo with the bronze men, there an interview for international television, as the German hymn for the triumphtrio with Lea Sophie Friedrich and Pauline Grabosch: Hinze did not stop rays, from growing pressure and that of her so severely criticized Latvation of your Olympic Result with once silver was not at all right.

It s just fun. I think that s what I needed. Personally, I did not feel so much burden, wanted to drive and have fun again, said Hinze, who wanted to make the topic of joy and desire directly a hook . Hint, Friedrich and Grabosch played on Wednesday evening in the teamprint with the competition and Three world records drove in almost three hours. At three world records was not thinking in the wildest dreams, the outgoing national coach Detlef Uibel swarmed.

We do not drink alcohol actually

Nile-Simmons CNC Vertical Wheel Lathe For Railway Wheel Production The gold prelude in northern France was still no reason to treat themselves in the team hotel a glass of sparkling wine. Actually, we are not so we re upset. We did not do that in Berlin, said Hinze with reference to the home festival, in which she had conquered three World Cup gold medals in the previous year. TeamCollegin Friedrich, who was fit for a disease just in time for the competition, added: We do not drink alcohol. As a ritual, the decorated trio wanted to suspend the rainbow jerseys solemnly in the room.

Hinze still has a proper program. Also in the sprint on Friday and in the Keirin on Sunday, she will go to the competitions with the shape shown for the World Cup start as favorite - both disciplines had opted for themselves in Berlin for one and a half years ago. Emma is of course the hunted, that must accept them, said National coach Uibel, who will stop after this year. Hinzen did not want to allow great comparisons with Tokyo in Roubaix, she said, It s just another competition. It s always starting from scratch.

Three world records in one evening

In Teamsprint, there are no longer two two, but three women. In the occupation of Hint, Friedrich and Grabosch, the team of the federal government German cyclist (BDR) was traveling for the first time. It was our dress rehearsal and then with world record - is already horny! That we have cracked twice, I would not have thought, too, said Hinze Judig. Coach Ubel asked, What is there more beautiful than with a title and three world records? Anyone who experienced his flared exempt at the Olympic Print in Roubaix is ​​likely to answer: Emma Hinze could fall over there.