LOL: Corina Veraza, the possible new Wu Lover Champion

About the new League of Legend champion We know almost everything. We are clear that it will be inserted within the narrative of arcane, the Netflix animation series centered on Zaun and Piltover, which will have enough to do with speed, and we even dare to think that it will be part of a certain group of characters that have already been Appeared in the trailer of the series. Not to mention that Faey s theory has all the meaning of the world.

But from the relatively recent Champions Road Sheet, we have details even of the next champion after this already mentioned. We are talked about certain mechanics with money and leave some key phrases that could be giving clues... In fact, this is a regular practice of Riot Games in these articles. But today we are going to focus on the name in which many are thinking: Corina Veraza.

The low background of Zaun

Corina Veraza is one of those characters who have received a lot of protagonism at legends of rutneterra, card game that has become the great bastion of the Lore of League of Legends. In the past we have dedicated items to some who have followed this path, like Cithria de Cloudfield and von Yipp, but until now we had not talked about this particular character.

And the truth is that she is very important in that card game, being a card that can justify an archetype. But let s leave your game style and focus on your character description: Corina Veraza is an influential Baroness chemistry Zaunita that brings together deadly ingredients for her chemical arsenal of rare plants that grow in her garden. A huge amount of experiments with different samples They have left her with some scars, ingeniously hidden by fashion accessories.

But in addition to that letter, Corina appears in Corina, Master Mind and in the art of Archivist of the station. Thanks to them, we know that Corina has become one of the most sought after in the city and that his power has surpassed many thanks to the Magnum Opus, a plant from which very necessary chemicals are extracted for the criminal activities of Zaun.

wu-tang clan and the creamy money

This next support has a paragraph within the Champions Road Sheet. As always in these cases, we recommend going to the original version in English, where always Easter eggs are hidden in the form of word games (the name of VEX was always in front of us, for example). Well, the first thing we see is that if we use the first letter of each one of the words of the title of said section, the word cream appears.

Some consider that it could be directly the name of the new character, but we are inclined to think that it is a reference to c.r.e.a.m., The iconic group of American rap wu-tang clan. In this song we talk about money and how this is true power, something very much consistent with support based on the use of it and its influence. In fact, the literal phrase Cash Rules Everything Around Me is present in the chorus of his song.

Will we see it in Arcane?

Although they are not direct references to Corina, we do find some to the group of it: that of the Zaunitas tecnochemical barons. The image used to illustrate the section, which you can find above, it looks a lot like the Zaun logo. This icon is about what does not cease to look like an own icon of the barons that dominate the low backgrounds of the lower city.

As for the used phrases, we have one as everything can be bought when you have enough money, something that resembles several corina and the letters of it in Legends of Runeterra. More interesting is the phrase power to make your enemies face each other, seeing them murdering the people who had sworn to protect, as it joins with one who tells Caitlyn in the game of cards: You have helped eliminate many enemies.

Here we may have a narrative arch that we see in arcane. Caitlyn is confirmed in the series, and Corina would make a lot of sense that she also appeared. Perhaps we see those beginnings of Caitlyn as a researcher, until it becomes a whole Sheriff de Piltover. Be that as it may, Corina could play an important role in the final part of the series, appearing as an even more powerful enemy behind Silco.