Ryan Gosling will be the Ken of Margot Robbie in the Barbie movie

There are projects that are thrown in the freezer years until they finally begin to move little by little production plans. This is the case of the movie about Barbie , the most famous doll that has become an icon and inspiration for girls generations.

After the movie gave many laps, two years ago it was confirmed that Margot Robbie would be chosen to embody Barbie in her real image version. With the pandemic and other projects of the actress, the film returned to stay in the air, but it has already been known that the plans continue moving forward and that Barbie has found the Ken of it.

Ryan Gosling will be the Ken of Barbie s film, playing the eternal boyfriend of the wrist. Originally the actor let the paper pass through him, but since the pre-production of the film has been extending, the study continued to insist on having Gosling and finally could sign when the calendars have been coordinated.

It is not known a lot about the movie argument, but it does Gretat Gerwig (Women) will be the director of the project and has also written the script along with Noah Baumbach (history of a marriage). In addition to playing Barbie. Margot Robbie also exercises as a producer with her own production firm, LuckyChap Entertainment .

People hear Barbie and think ... Oh, I know how that movie is going to be, and then you hear it that Greta Gerwig is writing and directing and is one of ... well, because I do not know Robbie said months about the project, which according to the actress comes with a lot of luggage. And also with many connections full of nostalgia.

The movie of Barbie is a co-production between LuckyChap Entertainment, Warner Bros. and Mattel. The shooting is expected to begin in 2022. For the part of it, Gosling has just closed the shooting of The Gray Man, the new thriller of the Russo brothers for Netflix.