Several New York colleges prohibit skimming game costumes by Halloween

As usual each Halloween, There is always a series or film that triumphs between the costumes around the world, and this year has touched the Game of the Netflix squid, however, not all the people of all the ages can be disguised as the characters of this popular series.

As posed by the USA Today newspaper, Various New York Schools have decided to prohibit their students from Vena with the costumes roses or green that can be seen in the squid game, by the violent message that comes associated to the series.

It would be inappropriate that any of the students seen a Halloween costume related to this series for the violence of the message that comes associated with it, can be read in one of the mails sent to parents by one of the three New York colleges who have decided to prohibit both these costumes and those that contain weapons or that they are too bloody.

New York School District Bans 'Squid Game' Halloween Costumes However, not only have they banned the costumes of the squid game in the Big Apple, they have also done it at a College of Panama City of Florida and even in Spain, then A School of San Sebastián de los Reyes in Madrid, He decided to take this decision after witnessing how the children recreated some of the violent games in the courtyard.

You have to remember that in the Netflix itself already warn that the squid game is not a series aimed at children, in fact in Spain is rated for over 16 years and when you give the play you warn you about your Language, violence, sex, nudes, suicides and images with tobacco.

At the moment, Netflix has not pronounced a sequel, or second season, the squid game, but its creator has said that he will first work in a movie in which he has been working for years and then he will see.