The 20th anniversary celebration of Xbox and Halo already has a date and time

Within nothing they are fulfilled 20 years of the launch of the first Xbox and the first halo and it seems to lie how fast time passes.

Obviously, from Microsoft they want to offer a celebration that is worthy of this important event ... surely everyone reminders of the mythical presentation of the console with The Rock.

Therefore, to honor all the legacy left by the first Xbox and Halo as Saga, Microsoft has announced the celebration of an anniversary event q EU will coincide with the special date.

UNLIMITED FREE XBOX GAME PASS EXPLOIT IS BROKEN - XBOX Is Perfectly Balanced With No Exploits November 15 will take place the Xbox Anniversary Celebration at 7:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular schedule) where you will look back to remember all the way that the fans have lived.

To lower the HYPE by the advertisements, Xbox has reported that there will be no revelations of new games , although it will be reported on the details later.

In addition to this, Xbox has presumed about Game Pass . The company is prepared for three months of great importance launches for the service, with very expected games.

Aged, Age of Empires IV awaits us for October 28, which is part of the premiere grill is this month, just announced, this step.

In addition, Minecraft will join Game Pass for PC on November 2 and shortly after, on November 9, forza Horizon 5.

But the vehicles do not stop, since the newly announced Microsoft Flight Simulator: Game of the Year Edition premieres on November 18 and as an end plate for Christmas, we have December 8 to Halo Infinite.

In summary, a good amount of games will continue to get to Game Pass, service that accumulates 37 million subscribers, but is far from the goal set by Microsoft, according to Axios.