The director of the squid game explains the peculiar Change of Look of the player 456

We have calamari even in the cafe. The success of the squid game in Netflix has turned a modest Korean series throughout a global phenomenon that has not yet touched a roof in many aspects.

The Top 1 may already escaped to the series in the United States, where the third season of You has taken the title, but in countries like Spain still resists at the top.

Squid Game Pitch Meeting The squid game saw 456 people, drowned in debts and with little or no hope of salting them, they are invited to participate in a friendly playgrounds.

If you triumph in the tests, a monstrous number of Korean wones can be packed, which will not only take you out of ruin, but it will make them millionaires.

But against, if players fail in one of the tests, they will be eliminated from the game ... and of existence, brutally and implacable, by the guardians.

In the last episode of the squid game, having proclaimed champion of this edition, Seong Gi - Hun, the protagonist through whose eyes we see the events of the series, returns to the real world.

Far from behaving with opulence, Seong Gi-Hun shows him emotional scars, invisible sequelae that has left the game forever.

In the final bars, Seong Gi-Hun changes from look and dye intense red hair, a single whim that seems more significant than it is seen at the naked eye.

Hwang Dong-Hyuk , the creator of the squid game, has spoken with Zapzee (via on this Seong Gi-Hun aspect change.

The director explains that the color was really the result of thinking What color would never choose for him? , And red was the answer.

However, he also highlights the inner fury that Seong Gi-Hun has accumulated after the games, and the anger that he houses towards the organizers of them.

At the moment there is no confirmation that will be produced a second season of the squid game in the near future, but success suggests that at some point it will take place.