There was Mir 4 on the rise of WMADID CITY.

The WMADIDITA records the highest rates between the past two months and records the highest level.

The Wemoid, which stayed at 26,218 per month on August 3, the Wemoid, which has been on the rise, and October 14, the share price has risen on October 14, rising 29.22% from W117,200. As of the 14th, the market cap was 3,897.8 billion, and the 6th place in KOSDAQ and 6th largest in Korea. This is less than the bis or cacao game, and is higher than that of Devs Sisters.

As a result of the share price rising factor, Mir 4 overseas service performance, which started from the end of August. In fact, the WMADIDe has recorded 800,000 simultaneous users, MIR 4 Global versions, and explained that it was similar to the Legend 2 of Miri Mir.

The funds of the box office of Wemaid are related elements that are blocked in Mir 4. Mir 4 Global versions can be mined through the play of black iron as black iron as possible through various processes. It is also possible to create a game character or item into a token (NFT) that can not be replaced by an unacceptable token (NFT). It is the explanation of the WMADIDIDIDIDE INDUSTRIAL INDUSTRIAL INVENTION It is the explanation of a lot of users to attract a lot of users as a Pay toll strategy.

Lee MiDe, Jang Hyun Buk, Janghyeon, Jang Hyun, said, Mir 4, which combines Mir 4 in Mir 4, Mir 4 combined with Wi-Ms, is changing the global game market paradigm, said Mir 4 Global Edition. I would like to make a chain of chain games.