What is Cloudgaming: How it works and which providers you know

On Thursday, October 21, Nvidia has officially revealed a new subscription offer for the cloudgaming service GeForce NOW afternoon - we have already reported about it and have explained some things to the technique. In our special special, in addition to GeForce Now, it is also about other appropriate cloudgaming services as well as the technology in general: What is technically behind it? What do you have to pay attention? What options are there? And for whom is it worth it?

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Cloudgaming meant playing a server that calculates the game instead of a user terminal. The term cloud originally meant only a storage space on a server that is available as a user via Internet to upload new data or download existing data.

So, so to speak, it s a cloud with data on the internet on which your own files can be found. Meanwhile, one uses the term cloud for online storage space, but also providing computing power and applications that are then running on the server and get to the user as a video stream. For the latter it feels then (if the internet connection is okay) as if the applications on their own terminal, for example on his PC, would be installed. Cloudgaming plays the applications that the server performs.

As a user you can see the finished picture of a game as a video stream. This stream is available (depending on how extensive the cloudgaming provider is set up) on the PC, laptop, console, or even for mobile devices or smart TVs via app via Android or iOS available. Of course, the game control is done by the user: the data resulting when the mouse is pressed, the mouse, keyboard or gamepad are sent to the server, where they are then implemented by the game as if it were the local PC. Based on the input data, the picture and sound are then calculated and sent to the user.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloudgaming

The big advantage of Cloudgaming is that you do not need strong hardware - just as graphics cards have become absurdly expensive since October 2020, this can be a real alternative if your own PC does not grab the latest games.

NVIDIA s new superpods ensure that users can receive the performance of a Geforce RTX 3080 for Geforce Now. Source: Nvidia Because the calculation of the game takes place in cloudgaming through the server hardware. Likewise, an installation is eliminated on its own terminal. Theoretically, as, for example, with a 300 euro laptop, you can play the latest games at maximum details, provided that the cloudgaming service offers this performance.

It is also possible to play everywhere, where you have a sufficient internet connection. Further advantages depend on the respective service. So there can be a range of games that are included for the duration of a subscription without having to buy them individually. For other providers such as GeForce Now, there is the advantage that you can buy games quite normal and can be calculated optionally from your own PC or by the CloudServer. More on that later.

But there are also two disadvantages of Cloudgaming. One thing is obvious: If you book a cloudgaming service and it is important to allow you to play outside your apartment, but then repeatedly states that you do not have sufficient internet connection at certain places for you The Cloudgaming little to nothing to you. The second drawback also applies to you at home and is technical nature. Especially ambitious gamers, he can spoil the game fun enormously: the latency effect. Because there must be data from your PC to the server before the server can calculate a new picture, and the picture must then go to you again. There are two additional latencies that do not arise compared to classic gaming via a PC or a game console. On the next page, latencies go closer to the subject and give tips on what you need to consider.

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