1 VS 100: New edition in development according to rumor

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1 vs 100 is coming back!

Microsoft allegedly works on a return of the Xbox 360 game show 1 VS 100. That says at least Jeff Grubs. Allegedly, the new 1 VS 100 should be in Development at Microsoft s Mixed Reality Department AltspaceVR. For the possible new edition, the 3D avatars should be used, which have recently been presented for Microsoft Teams VR experience. > Jeff Grubs said: 1 vs. 100 will come back. They definitely make this game... and it seems that it comes from the AltspaceVR team. They lead the project and all avatars we have seen last week in the Microsoft Team thing will use these avatars and bring these things. Who does not know 1 VS 100 on the Xbox 360, here is a trailer: