Battlefield 2042: Strong Loadout brings you massively XP, wins fights

The Levels In battlefield 2042 can be very tough. However, a small throwing object can be remedied: the ambient sensor brings you not only massively XP, it also helps the whole team. Mango tells you how to optimally use the sensor.

To increase a level in Battlefield 2042, it usually requires 2 matches. But a match takes good and at least 30 minutes. Accordingly, tough can be to unlock the best weapons in the game.

Here comes the surrounding sensor into the game. It turns this free with Level 22 — a process that goes faster with other XP farm methods. Once you have the ambient sensor, you will be leaning even faster than before. Because you can also supplement them with the other farming methods.

Best of all, the environment sensor is easy to use and the more effective, the more action takes place. The function of the sensor is also extremely helpful for your team and will help you to win more matches.

The strongest loadout with the ambient sensor

The biggest disadvantage of the ambient sensor is that he replaces your grenade slot. This loadout not only helps you to deal with this disadvantage — you are one of the most versatile soldiers on the battlefield:

Specialist: In: Sun dance Primary Weapon: PP-29 Secondary weapon: G57 Throwing object: Environmental sensor Gadget: Munitionskiste

Why is this loadout so good?

Thanks to the gadget, Sun dance is the perfect specialist choice. The grenade belt not only replaces the anti-person grenade, which would give her because of the surrounding sensor — the grenade belt can also be used for anti-tank defense and as an EMP field.

So you can define yourself against all vehicles and other specialist gadgets. Because the charges of the grenade belt refresh himself by themselves, they always stay in the action.

This versatility is underlined by the PP-29. The currently best machine gun and the most flexible weapon in the game. Accordingly, it can be well-used in every situation. It also makes it easier to use the wing suit of Sun dance very aggressively.

Thanks to the ammunition box, you will always get a new environmental sensor. Your ammunition is also refreshed. So you never have to retire from the action

The ambient sensor is fun, helps the team and you

What makes the loadout so well? The loadOut around the ambient sensor brilliant for several reasons:


Thanks to Sun dance you are flexible strongly against opposing soldiers, vehicles and gadgets. Aggressive gameplay is possible and recommended. The sensor marks enemies in a circle on the mini card of the whole team. You have two ambient sensors available. So you can mark most enemies on the largest control points nationwide. The ammunition box immediately gives you a consumed environment sensor again. You get 5 XP for every opponent marked. Each marked opponent killed by your team counts as an Assist. This gives you 50 XP. You get 50 XP for every opponent you kill yourself.

The ambient sensor further marks after your death. After several markers and assists, you will receive 1,000 XP as a reward.


The motion sensor replaces the grenade. Without sun dance, your options are limited in the fight. Ammunition skirt is not a must, but makes the loadout much better. With sun dance and ammunition box you can not heal yourself. PP-29 is not the strongest weapon for the distance. Loadout loses effectiveness if you are not in the middle of the greatest action. Other loadouts are stronger against vehicles. Motion sensor is only available from Level 22.

So you get an assist for every opponent killed in the radius of the ambient sensor. Each assist is just as many XP like a kill — even if you have not even seen the opponent yourself.

With this method it is not uncommon to have more assists alone as whole troops together. Thus, you will be very fast.

How do I use the environmental sensor optimally? Because the ambient sensor gives the most XP and info, if the action is highest, you should always stay in the battle.

So always tries to be at the most-competitive points of the MAP. Then throw your two ambient sensors so that they cover together as large as possible.

Then you can either mix yourself active in the battle, or play a little passive and throw more environmental sensors with the ammunition box. Because the sensor works itself after your death, you have helped the team in any case.

This Class Setup makes Levels FAST on Battlefield 2042 Thats not just an XP rain for you. Your team thanks you because you can take better and defend through the info on the mini card positions. This leads to fun, action-rich gameplay. And to more gained matches. Have you already tried this Loadout? Do the game style so fun? And which weapon do you still want to unlock? Lets know us in the comments. How the game still develops after the bumpy start will be exciting to be observed. The developers of Battlefield 2042 have already announced: New update comes next week — the early patch notes