Bayern loan Alex Nübel in a big interview via Monaco

Markus Schubert (born 12 June 1998) is a German footballer that plays as a goalkeeper for Dutch club Finesse.

Alexander Nübel: states Mr. Nobel, an old saying in football that young players often have to play as possible. Do you agree with this sentence?

Alexander Nobel: Absolutely. Young players need a lot of match practice to develop. But: Even though I got with Schalke not so many games, I could still very well develop.

They are a little more than 100 days at AS Monaco. Has your move from FC Bayern to AS Monaco so far proved to be right?

The move to Monaco was the right decision and has paid off. I play twice a week at a very high level and that was my goal. In the beginning, I have some time, needed to get used to everything, but with every game and every training I feel safer. Regardless of the Football brings a life in a new country and a new culture and on.

What date which is not running as desired?

As mentioned earlier, I play twice a week at a high level and this is important for my development. At the beginning I quickly realized that I was missing match practice a bit. These came from that and is still not optimal to the vote with my front people. Sometimes it falls short in the communication in French or English. English would be easier for me, but mostly I have to speak French. This process is running, and it will take time until everything has found.

What words of the language of football you can have in French?

The standards, right, left, out slide, time backer.

How are things in general with the language?

I had no French at school, so it is relatively heavy. I m not the most gifted voice and have to work on my pronunciation. Through two lessons per week plus homework, I try to constantly improve.

Were you happy students?

To be honest, no. I would now quit football, I would prefer a vocational education studying. I d rather work than to school.

Have opted for Monaco and abroad because you could permanently catch up in the Bundesliga history with Bayern?

I opted for Monaco because I have looked at everything in advance, and I was completely convinced of this step. Of course, I wished for more peace, but critical of the club was. Since our games are often transferred to DAZN live, I stand so still in focus.

Which points spoke for Monaco?

AS is a big club in France and the new training ground is absolutely top. The management has convinced me, Nike Kovacs as a coach and the prospect of another league.

Does it get your plans, practice at the highest level, thwarted that Monaco against Donetsk failed to qualify for the Champions League so scarce?

We would have liked qualified for the Champions League and were very annoyed. However, we now just like to play in the Europa League, where they meet on horny opponents.

The time in Munich so it was a double-edged sword.

Alexander Nobel

Monaco leads the group after four matches with two wins and two draws at 4: 2 goals unbeaten before San Sebastián, PSV Eindhoven and Storm Graz. Do you agree as a goalkeeper with this minimalism?

It is always good if you do not concede as many goals. And so far we have not had too many to-zero games. But internationally it works quite well.

The statistics might look better, but I am dissatisfied not Alexander Nobel about his season so far. Getty Images

In the league there are 16 goals from 13 games. They played four times to zero. There was never more than two goals for you. Do you like this information?

No. There were games where I would have to zero can play. In the early days we conceded unnecessary goals. The statistics could look better, but unhappy I m not. I hope that we back remain stable.

How has changed one year at Bayern with just four competitive stakes goalkeeper Nobel?

As a goalkeeper, I came to Munich to another level. The quality at Bayern is enormous, and the annual success can be felt throughout the club. On the other hand, I only got four games, also I have noticed. I no longer had that rhythm with games every three days. That s why it took me a little longer to have to play this feeling for the rooms. The time in Munich so it was a double-edged sword.

Was this year more step forward or backward? Or just stop?

This Bavaria year was a step forward for me. I have quite a developed me personally, which is very important for a goalkeeper because the personal maturity much mind. Each of my three club AC has helped me.

Manuel Neuer can be during the game in addition to the post of a substitute throw the ball when he gets more nothing kick, not to lose the feel for the ball. As the long time had no games then only at you from?

After a summer break, it is always difficult to come in again. When using, it took a few days longer. But we had a good preparation, the process went well. Of the coaching staff and management I have good contacts who knew about this problem and have supported me.

How long will it take until you have caught the residues?

I hope not too much longer. I am currently not yet where I want to be and work on it, that I m closer in the coming weeks my top level bit by bit and the team can push verbally even stronger.

Which moments are missing in your game?

There are little things that I myself work on the training needs because we do not get to play as much on target. Sometimes it s just a ball where you need to be there. This is a parallel to Bavaria, where you mentally 90 minutes as his needs. New in the sense in the world rankings and then I will. It s me to approach my goal here of these world leaders.

To what extent are you ve recorded with your new defense and the young team?

Much better than at the beginning. Due to the many games the confidence has grown, and it will continue to grow. The decisive factor is communication.

To what extent is the football for a goalkeeper in France s first league unlike in the Bundesliga?

The Ligue 1 is a top league with many young players. I am preparing for the games in the Bundesliga, where I knew most of the players on the opposing side. Here it is not so true.

It s me to approach my goal here of these world leaders.

Alexander Nobel

You must therefore prepare intensively?

We do that together. The Elf meter- and free kick taker we watch us anyway. I look at the games of opponents and also brings us videos about the individual players, their preferences and strengths.

How is the level compared to the Bundesliga?

The level is not worse than in the other major European leagues, so I ve decided to Monaco.

France therefore is not a descent for a Bundesliga goalkeeper?

It depends on where you play, but when down I would not call it.

What does it mean to French football that Lionel Messi came?

International interest in the Ligue 1 has grown safely. Basically, the Football in France but has not changed. Paris has always bought big stars and the rest acts as before.

The football in France is more than Paris?

In any case. We already had several top games, for example against Lyon, Marseille and Nice — these are big teams. It really is like in the Bundesliga.

Number 1 in the AS Monaco: Alexander Nobel. Imago images / Panoramic

They have been loaned to Monaco because you are there as demand at Bayern as mitspielender goalkeeper. Does this plan yet on?

Yes. This was among other things a selection criterion per Monaco, because the team wants to play football and the league has to dominate.

Benjamin Become, the previous AS-choice goalkeeper, was awarded to Atlético Madrid. Is it important for you to be the clear number one? Or do not have the daily competition?

I m just happy that I m playing, and I want to continue. Personnel decisions of the association, I can not influence. And besides, the daily competition at the present goalkeeper Trio is also available.

What is it with you to be the clear number 1?

It is very helpful if you can feel as a goalkeeper confidence. This security means that it continuously improves its performance and stabilized. That is now the case. If one is set, there is a good feeling. It is more difficult if you as a goalkeeper at the first error, the bank must.

Your goalkeeping coach Jaroslav Magic is a Croat. To what extent the goalkeeper training in France is different?

It possibly differs in a few techniques, but otherwise the difference to Germany is not great. We adapt to each other. I call him my wishes, and he says his opinion. The goalie training is very good.

Was that a year in Munich a lost year?

Absolutely not, especially since I initially some time needed to get in. The quality there is on a top level. The year at Bavaria was not a lost year, especially not for my personal development.

What was the worst in this one year on the bench?

The overall situation was not optimal. I lost my rhythm and could not show what I wanted to show in just four games.

They presented the vote of confidence, as Flick She stroked the end of September 2020 Cofferdam from the squad. Was this story the worst? Or those than you randurften not even inconsequential Champions League match against OK Moscow?

Neither was beautiful. Sure you are disappointed as a professional, if you re not in the squad or not playing. Any other reaction would be wrong. I would have liked to play against Moscow and these minutes would be able to give me for my safety. I had to accept it. Sven Ulrich was yes yet.

How many times have you wanted to throw in Munich?

Not once.

How many times have you regretted it, not to be the followed the call of FC Barcelona, ​​Atlético Madrid or Manchester United?

It was to get these offers at this age an exciting time, but I had consciously decided for Munich because I was there presented to the best career plan. That s why I did not need afterwards rag or what-if thinking.

Have never doubted the career plan of Bavaria?

Not until now. And I still have enough time to make up for Bayern games.

Who got you in that phase at?

My family, my girlfriend and my advisors are my contacts. You take me away from football to normal life. Because I realize that football is only a small bubble in which we live and which is nice, but does not have much impact on other important things of this world.

I am glad that I have taken this step, and I hope that I will live off the next decades it, just for the life outside of football.

Alexander Nobel

What things do you think?

My life around it, my health, my family and friends. If there is something, I would quit football now.

Even your departure from FC Schalke was difficult, they were deposed as number one and captain, there was Nübel-out! — calls. Toughen such experiences to ease the pressure as a professional goalkeeper easier to deal with? Or threaten such attacks to destroy a young person?

Both effects are possible. Today, help me this experience further. When it happened at that time, it was difficult to predict that I have these experiences stronger. It was very hard, abzubekommen all these hostile, especially for my family, so could not handle because they did not know it. I pulled the down even more.

What Went there on?

For example, there have been comments against my father at work and the medial treatment was amazing.

And now everything is good again?

Yes, my family is happy that I m doing a lot of games. But they really want, that I am at home in Paderborn.

Life here is balm for the soul : Alexander Nobel over Monaco. Getty Images

Is life in France and Monaco swanky ideal to regain mental balance?

The weather is phenomenal, 20 degrees, strange in the fall for a German. From my apartment I watch the sea and have breakfast outside. Life here is balm for the soul. The small state of Monaco, however, is outside any normal. Around Monaco there are many beautiful places to explore.

How it shapes a young man when he goes abroad with 24?

I am glad that I have taken this step and hope that I will live off the next decades it, even and especially for life outside of football. At first, it was difficult, because I m very attached to their home.

What is the most exciting experience in this environment?

You come in France with English is not very far, you have to customize it simply because Monaco is very international.

Enthusiastic or alienated the extreme luxury in Monaco?

Me he was not enthusiastic, I do not need that luxury. Luxury are my family and friends for me. Luxury brings you nothing if you do not close your loved one. At the yacht show it was totally awesome, how pure flying many helicopters. In Nice are so many private planes as in all of Germany.

How does France football with Corona to?

Like in Germany. Many are vaccinated. We wear masks.

Is there between the goalkeeper and the man Alexander Nobel differences in appearance and character?

The people who know me say that I as pretty much the same stay, perhaps a little emotional m on the field when it comes to business, but not overdone as handle other goalies or have handled. I m still relatively calm and try to radiate my sovereignty. And off the court, I m left a quiet guy and.

FC Bayern does not exist 95 or 98, but only 100 or more percent. And in every workout.

Alexander Nobel

She designated the Bavaria year as progress. Where did you develop as a goalkeeper?

Football, because I arrived at a level, the world top is. Human, however, most, because I have won much more security for my behavior on the square.

Have you internalized this Mia-San-MIA success thinking of Bavaria?

This winning allowed, which one gets from each individual is phenomenal. I also ventured this quality to Monaco. At FC Bayern there is no 95 or 98, but only 100 or more percent. And in every workout. Otherwise, there are announcements of Joshua Gimmick or Leon Goretzka, and then you track in the next workout.

I want to go there : Alexander Nobel (re.) About Manuel Neuer. Getty Images

What did you learn from new?

Much. All his movements; his enormous game understanding; His recognition of the situation; His interaction with the defenders. I compared how he reacts to actions in training and how I behave there — what I could take with.

Do you have more readiness from him to do without games?

As a goalkeeper you always want to play. And the coach decides. No goalkeeper gives voluntary games. That s why I did not expect it to do it.

Behind the scenes of Alexander Nübel's medical at FC Bayern Hans Flick holds a lot of them. How did he give them his decision per new and contra Nobel?

He said I had trained well. But newer was better, so he let him play. I accepted that.

were these explanations comprehensible to you?

You always let the better play.

But there was this commitment for ten mandatory games.

Contract content is a matter of trust. I should get a certain number of games I did not get.

What did you learn from this experience for your further profile life?

That some things develop differently than discussed and I have to accept that. I do not rate what I can influence. The coach or the club officers ultimately decide whether one plays and what you deserve.

MUST A PROFIT to force this unusual attitude because otherwise you have to fail in this business?

This attitude does not everyone. But for me, football is not all in life. It stays a lot of time after the career, football does not matter anymore, and I m looking forward to that. The football is a separate world.

But you are currently living in this football world?

I like to take these advantages and enjoy every day. Nevertheless, many things are dramatized in football, which I find wrong.

There were many warning voices when changing to Munich. Did these concerns right?

None of these so-called experts know me personally to know what I want. For me, the change to Munich was a meaningful step, otherwise I would not have done him.

What makes Manuel Neuer beyond 2023, I will react when it s time.

Alexander Nobel

Would you make everything again?

Yes, I would do everything again.

Have you already contacted the new Bavaria coach Julian Nagelsmann?


Are you looking forward to working with him?

He is a very good coach and pleasant person who is very communicative. Of course, I am looking forward to the return to Bavaria.

An extension of the new Treaty over 2023 will not be excluded from FC Bayern. Do you have to push your future further in Munich? Or can you imagine your career without Bayern Munich?

What I can not imagine is to come back and no longer games. I exclude that. What makes Many beyond 2023, I will react when it s time. My current focus is on Monaco. I want to go back to international competition with the club.

So they only return to Bavaria when they become number 1?

When Marc-André TER Steven came to FC Barcelona and Claudio Bravo was there, who was first goalkeeper?

They changed: Bravo played in the League, TER Steven in the Champions League and in the Cup.

This answers the question.

I do not know what will happen after 2023 : Alexander Nobel about his plans after the Monaco lending. Imago Images / Mandela Media

You could live with such a model?

I would definitely have more than four games. There are several models. Something different from to come to more games, but certainly no longer eligible for me.

Does it necessarily have a return to FC Bayern?

So the plan is. My contract runs until 2025.

The loan period agreed on two years to Monaco could end after a season. What is the current perspective?

I go from two years. I do not see anything else and FC Bayern not.

The leadership in Monaco has big plans. Is the AS for you only for the purpose of becoming Bayern-Keeper number 1? Or can you imagine Monaco longer?

I do not know what will happen after 2023. But I hope I m the goalkeeper I want to be. One and a half years are a long time in football.

You have 17 inserts in the U 21. Does your career planning still look like to become the number 1 in the national team as a regular keeper of FC Bayern?

Of course, it is the goal to play at some point for the A team.

Do you still have a mini hope on the World Cup 2022?

So I have not employed a second so far.

Your teammate Kevin fully did not think about this chance.

On Monday past week we sat together and on Tuesday he wrote to me, he was on the way to the national team. That was amazing.