Broken pleasure on the battlefield

Insurgency: Sandstorm appeared on PC a few years ago. Not a week passed when my friend started a long-term game annealing of this game, remembering to mention the brilliance at regular intervals. The console version finally arrived, I can say that he was right. Unfortunately, the technical implementation irritate as much as kuraisten pebbles biting dessert after a good meal.

Battlefield is Broken (and tournament legal)

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the military junta, which, of course, a bigger right to decide the next map, kicking

your shoot out through the ballot and decide on the course of the game.

Realism beats Arcade

If you are accustomed to the fact that your character takes a few hits to worry, and after resting for a moment you can continue in full force, so that the idea can be immediately thrown into the dustbin. The Battle of authenticity, the team s strong internal communication and tacticity form the heart of this game. Also, the frames are in good condition, as well menus made numerous kustomointiominaisuuksineen surprise positively. A big plus also the English localization of the time, even though some expressed Finnish terms are at first strange battlefield.

The most fervent hifistelijöille is available if some kind of roipetta, as well as insurgents and the security forces may be clothed from head to toe, transdermal and hair accessories right down. Annoyingly most handsome goggles are behind the micro paywall, but these benefits can not say no, so leave those smarter ignored.

The parade Dressing choices are important accessories that can be found literally seeing a proliferation. An example of each is available to the weapon hefty amount of different elements of the game for a variety of styles. The bullet vests, gas masks, equipment belts, as well as grenade department complement the overall package. Act as a limiter equipped score suppressants wisely ylivarustelua network side, but the artificial intelligence against them is available twice, when their own character may choose to pawn heavily equipped. Case, it is of course also has its drawbacks: tavarapaljoutta be carrying fighter moves rather slowly. I would like grenades very positive mood state that in their characteristics is eggs - whether it s thick smoke generating chunk, burnt by the flame bottle thrown into the sea or room light or its fragmentation grenade.

Ready for battle. Usually a 20-second waiting stage patoumat unloaded their own

team members, but now satisfy just standing in the head on top of the lookout. Figure

The compass does not appear automatically, but it is worth to keep on top - one can not even

ways to express vihollishavainnot.

through a game format download and backup

Playable solo training mode is likely to teach the relevant controls, and test your senses into place before tosikoitoksia. However, it is somewhat strange that the various categories of military functions can be tried out in training mode, because some special stuff is only possible to learn the true situation against other human players. With these I mean particularly the lookout Commander and gaming, for example, a man s rifle and sniper roles are familiar to all war veterans game.

The role of commander of the classes is the most important and at the same time fascinating, because, among other things, protection against smoke and the drone attacks, chemical attacks, assault helicopters or a Gatling gun support can be disruptive against the enemy s fierce defense. However, going through the co-operation is required, as the commander needs lähelleen lookout radioimaan support requests to the base. Personally, I experienced the Commander of playing too slow, because of the importance of the position, despite the excessive passivity is characterized by the commander acting as if the team did not succeed in it. In this case, with the hustle of your morsmaikun remains very low.

The game has a total of four shapes, including traditional deathmatch and Call of Duty titles are familiar domination-aluehallintamittelön. Frontline again literally means the front line of the battle, where both sides seek to simultaneously advance towards their own goal. The quartet by far the best option obeys the name of the push, which insurgency- and security forces trying to take over or to protect the other party defended the point where the attackers aim is to move up to the enemy base. Push to concentrate activities closely in the same area and challenge to work together towards a common goal, making it much more straightforward and entertaining than other forms of the game. CONCENTRATED may find that the game at a leisurely paced tactical action will better support the ongoing pushy one place to another.

AI struggle to improve statistics and statistics on quite a bit. However, the artificial intelligence is

a lot of good qualities, especially in positions kykkiviä human players. En route

The H target area was limited with the red zone. There is also a versus

from mode. In that area, all kinds of attacks are impossible.

Ounts of lumps

So far, I have only talked about the positive sides, but the time to put the truth of the distinction also for negative things, as the delicious cake dough has been burdensome with the rabbit coincidence. Imaginary and nasty ports in the basic floor may kick the gap out of the team almost every in the game, and he has begun to take a sense to take the Brain. Sampling of fair hundred matches have occurred as an estimated time once in three battles, usually for at least 2 to 3 members.

Mostly, interruptions seem to be achieved by a pretty chain reaction, as one crash is also reflected in other players, and the worst server is no longer a return to the players in the search queue, filling out empty places for quickness. If one matches find out without falling, then it can be said to be a good luck. One strenuous feature is also opening conversational channels to the end of the struggle, as sometimes there are provoking brainkers, rabbit music friends, or otherwise only the puppet of annoying sounds.

Hyi, what clutting. But hey, it s a feature, not a bug!

In addition to the crashes, it has experienced, for example, the muteness of the sounds, the impossibility of grenades, the exchanging of weapons, and sometimes in the lobby will have to wait for a long time. One of the intellectual mobility bug has also been obtained according to: squatting positions can not lie down, but first need to rise up. The Tempus is easily closed near the enemy s front line, so that the spirit is otherwise tight. One positive thing to this seam - bullets are indeed bullets insurgency: Sandstorm. Although there were heavy bullets, so Manala is calling from one to the body s bullet or 2-3 to a smaller cutting edge.

At its worst in the box, after crashing the game, the text has become a text that the recorded information has been corrupted and forced the character categories made to build the character classes again and to slide controls and other important settings. The same recording bug naturally applies to customizations related to customizations of creative characters, in the camp of each party.

This picture became very unclear, but I wanted for a good reason to put it according to.

The red beam shows that the enemy is close. In this case, speeches and warn

of the enemy s location that reveals potentially tactical things if the language skills are

enough. The fierce commands of course pistail of course to mute and hide

this way to your presence.

Required: Corrective Update

It s really a pity that insurgency: Sandstorm stumbles so much on the technical side, as it brings vividly to mind socom: U.S. Times of Navy Seals s times from the 21st century. Then the northern body of your teaspooning with one hit and the enemy was dropped by a few good body hits. The biggest difference in the games of that time concerns information, for example, for example, any notification of the counterparty output does not come. Even the killing statistics are hidden when your own fighter run alive. Only when the waking waves decreases, X number of enemies can be inferred from the outgoing motion of their base. The ammunition also has to check if it is not sure of the number of bullets in the cable. Everyone supports warfare from augosicol of warfare making the game considerably in relation to competitors of a more interesting genre.

This is a long time a team game that has also assembled old socom vetranes on the same game. At its best, it is a shaded maximum number of Finnish suites, a total of eight pieces. Playing is a genuinely felt kivener with a driving place with a lot of common things, agreed with common things, blocked in the enemy Potero lymphomous Snipperei s lolly lines at smoke and, if necessary, invite an assault copper to help the spawnial waves running low. As a nice bonus, a special game was also included in Halloween approaches when playing zombies with rigid rebels against Security. Not playing against artificial intelligence, as computer resistors work in some places very intelligently, as zombies as well as weapons in hand.

In its state of state insurgency: Sandstorm requires, in particular due to crashes, an extended surface, although occasionally can enjoy it. The first three stars in the scrape, but hopefully with future corrections it would rise to be strong in your own eyes as a strong four-star release. 14 The map also ensures that the game stays for a long time fresh and war game friends will get the entertainment for a long time.