Cyberpunk 2077: Recording in Xbox Game Work too early, according to developers

CD Project is a Polish designer and also publisher of computer game. The business is established in May 1994 by Marcin Wins and Michał Kaminski for the objective of posting software application on CD-ROM. The studio, thanks to its Game Advancement Division Project Red, is mainly known for its Saga The Witcher. In 2020, it ends up being the second-biggest video clip game company in Europe, behind the French author Ubisoft.

Adam Kaminski has come to a possible recording of cyberpunk 2077 in the Xbox Game Pass. In recent months, there was always rumors that the role-playing game could land in the subscription.

The CEO of CD project said that such a subscription model would result in a certain time in the life cycle of a game and the sales would also decide on it. In the case of Cyberpunk, it was too early.

We always consider every business opportunity, but this type of subscription model is good at a given time in the life cycle of the product, not too early. Witcher 3 was available in the subscription for a while, but we have to balance the benefits and costs every time, so we have to compare it with sales, so it is a decision based on data. It's still too early for cyberpunk.

Cyberpunk 2077 Comeback Explained

For cyberpunk 2077, the next-gene upgrade appears next, which has been roughly dated by the developer for the first quarter 2022.