Developers of Battlefield 2042 suppress the proximity sensor without ETA back

Battlefield 2042 has a multitude of gadgets and Dice has just decided to temporarily disable one of them. Apparently, the pro sensor of the game caused an elastic in the modes conquest and pierced from the game.

We will maintain this temporary change and keep the inactive proximity sensor for the moment, wrote the developers of Battlefield 2042 on social networks. Nos surveys have shown that this change contributes to improving server performance.

Unfortunately, they did not provide information on when they were going to bring it back. We will notify when this disposable will have been reactivated, have they pursued.

DICE is Already Making Fixes to Battlefield 2042...

The proximity sensor of Battlefield 2042 is a disposable gadget that can be unlocked when the players reach the level 22. This is one of the few tracking devices that players use in the game so that they can identify and follow the enemies near their location. Dice gave no explanation on how it caused the elastic, but they revealed that keeping it temporarily disabled worthy Consequences unexpected.

One of these consequences is a visual bug that allows a selected launch object to appear as a different start object in the battlefield 2042 deployment screen. Despite this bug, Dice confirmed that players will always appear with The disposable they have selected.

Another consequence is the one that affects only players who had the proximity sensor in their active loading when it was disabled. Dice then announced in its follow-up article known issues that the changes made to this load will now be lost between the towers.

Battlefield 2042 was launched to the public players with early access and also with his 10-hour EA PLAY test on November 12th. At launch, her servers clearly had trouble with the elastic and persistence, but the fans of the game noticed that the gameplay is now generally more fluid.

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