DMM Games Started Official Services 2nd Anniversary Campaign at Heroes Senki WW ! New hero Los Veise appeared!

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DMM Games operated by Joint Company EX NOA informed that it has started the Official Service Second Anniversary Campaign of Regional Control Type Simulation RPG Heroes Sent WW after Maintenance, November 24, 2021..

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Joint company EX NOA (Head office: Minatory, CEO: Murakusuke, URL: HTTPS: // DMM Games operated by DMM Games, November 24, 202 (Wed) after maintenance, Regional Control Type Simulation We will inform you that you have started the Formal Services 2nd Anniversary Campaign of Hero Sent WW.

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Limited time Large pale hole geisha is being held!

New heroes Los Vase will appear.

○ Period November 24th (Wednesday) Maintenance After Maintenance-December 10 (Fri) 16:00

True 2nd Anniversary Free 10 Series Geisha is being held!

We will hold a free 10 series geisha that can be used twice a day to commemorate the second anniversary of the official service.

○ Period November 19th (Fri) 12:00 to November 30 (Tuesday) 4:00

True 2nd Anniversary ★ 4 Specials 10 Series Geisha is being held!

In commemoration of the second anniversary of the official service We will hold a special 10 series geisha that will be discharged only. ※ Only one person can be used.

○ Period November 19, 192 (Fri) 12:00 to November 30 (Tuesday) to 13:00

Collaboration event Summoned stone of Super Fur World is being held!

○ Period November 19th (Fri) 16:00 to December 17 (Fri) 16:00

Notice! Hold the defeat event Samurai large pale hole !

○ Period November 26, 2021 (Fri) 16:00 to December 10 (Fri) 16:00

Official Twitter games introduced cartoon

Popular cartoonist Juami-sensei Drawing cartoon has been released. This time is a story about Bake and Tsunami.

Game Overview

Title: Hero Sent WW (War Wonder) Genre: Beautiful Girl Conquering the World Surrounded by Heroes Online Simulation Games Delivery Platform: PC (Browser Version) / DMM Games Store / App Store / Google Play Sales Format: Basic Free + Some Charge Elements Volume Notation: © Daisuke / Hero Sent Production Committee © ︎2019 EX NOA LLC

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