FC Bayern-Chef coach Nagelsmann has the agony of choice

Lollin with the help of compliments? Julian Nagelsmann s appreciative words in the direction of Sc Freiburg and coaching Christian prank sounded more like honest praise on Friday afternoon. A very sympathetic club, which has been out of its possibilities for many years. They have the coach over a solid trunk. Patch emboss the SC, I am pleased to see him. Nagelsmann s restriction: That s an opponent that will ask us a lot. He referred to the seven goal-stable defensive of the league, which was difficult to record due to their disciplined nature.

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Sabitzer must fit

However, a FC Bayern in top form should always find solutions, even against the Breisgauer. Since only Marcel Sabitzer (gastrointestinal virus) is not available, Nagelsmann has, for example, in the offensive the agony of choice. From the dimensional quartet Thomas Müller, Leroy Sané, Kingsley Coman and Serge Gnabry must remain outside at the beginning of the game. It will be a meeting that does not play undeservedly, announced the chef coach, but in principle, however, was glad about this selection, difficult moderation or her.

Nagelsmann: I prefer 5: 2 as 2: 0

The Allianz Arena last was not sold out against Hoffenheim and Benfica Lisbon, against the SC, the season tickets are valid for the first time. I assume that it will be full or almost full, says Nagelsmann. His words to offensive and defensive speak for entertainment against Freiburg: I prefer 5: 2 as 2: 0. Despite recently, again to many goals, he referred to that his team in all statistics is better than last year. In the most important, the result, he and his team want to defeat Freiburg and dissect in the table, sympathy playing no role from 15.30.