Forza Horizon 5: Player creates crazy stunt of pure coincidence

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Fora Horizon 5 is only available recently, and already a player has made an absolutely record-breaking stunt — and the spectacular jump was planned very differently.

In Fora Horizon 5 you can rise in your dream car, by Mexico Cruise and deliver exciting races with other drivers. Extra points are partially available when explaining if your is particularly daring jumps and stunts. A player has now succeeded in an extraordinary jump — and at the beginning everything was going wrong.

Fora Horizon 5: Spectacular Stunt ensures astonishment

User Zang1996 has posted its stunning stunt in Fora Horizon 5 on Reddit. In the short video you can see how he with full Karachi for a ramp breadth to set up a personal record jump. But before he arrived at the ramp, his car picks up unplanned for a short time and bounces on the front of the ramp.

Take a look at the crazy stunt jump in Fora Horizon 5 on Reddit:

Only through the completely unintentional impact, the car then puts in the air an impressive vertebra on excess stalls and turns, until Zang1996 it lands remarkably quiet and humorless reverse salvation on the floor.

Racing hit: Xbox lands next-gene hit

With Fora Horizon 5, Xbox has also delivered the first genuine Next Game Hit for the platform before the Halo: Infinite release. Both critics and fans cross themselves with praise (and their cars) because of the fantastic game world, great graphics and the proven gameplay of the successful race series. On Metacritic, the game currently has a 92er rating and a user score of 8.8. (Source: Metacritic)

No wonder the game already had more than 800,000 players in the early-access phase. (Source: Gig) For all gamers with an Xbox-Game Pass Ultimate subscription, the latest Fora Horizon is also free in membership.

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Fora Horizon 5 enthuses racing fans since the ear-access phase on the Xbox and the PC. Now a gamer has shown what specular stunts are possible in the game — his acrobatic leap was rather random.