Game culture: Educational media price 2021: Two games of Publisher Handygames awarded

The 2021 Independent Games Festival and Game Developers Choice Awards A few days ago, several games in the educational media price 2021 were awarded in Munich, which are particularly valuable for children and adolescents as pedagogically valuable. Among the big winners of the awarded the THE Nordic subsidiary Handy games from Germany belonged: two games of the company were awarded by the jury.

This included El Hilo — A Wild West Tail (to the test). The publisher himself describes the title as an exciting spaghetti western stealth game, in which a 6-year-old boy in search of his mother pulls into adventure! El Hilo is exciting and non-violent. Instead of violence, the game rather sets the mischievous, imaginative playfulness of a small child. The price of the game will be reduced by 50% at Steam from Monday end.

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One hand was also awarded CLAPPING. This is a 2D platformer in which musical puzzles must be resolved to preserve this unique world before the eternal silence. This innovative and unique game helps to get to know your own voice and win self-confidence. It is still one hand clapping in the Early Access phase. Below is a list of all titles that have received an award in the pedagogical media price 2021:

Offers for teenagers • Dorfromantik (Toucans Interactive) • IT Takes Two (Haze light / EA) • One hand clapping (Bad Dream Games / Cell Phone Games) • Safe space (ROB) • There is no game: Wrong Dimension (Draw Me A Pixel)

Offers for children • El Hilo: A Wild West Tale (Honey Studios / Cell Phone Games) • KIA Player (ARD / IDF) • Small Owl (Fox & Sheep) • Pauli and the words (Fun line Media) • OSLO CODING STARTER KIT (TANGIBLE PLAY) • Pot flash! My electricity workshop (Foundation House of the small researchers )