Guilty Gear Strive adds his third DLC fighter: Happy Chaos shoots us the date of premiere and trailer

GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- Continue with your PLANTATION CONTENT For the latest delivery of the mythical saga of ARC SYSTEM Works. After knowing the huge Godless Dickinson and the unique battle mate of him, we received an old-known old series, Jack-o Valentine and her robotic henchmen of GUILTY GEAR 3RD REVELATORY.

Happy Chaos Is Coming | Guilty Gear Strive Happy Chaos DLC Character Reveal + Reaction/Analysis

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Happy Chaos will arrive at the Season Pass 1 next November 30 The fighters pass promised five characters, of which three of them would arrive before finishing 2021, so I could not miss a lot So that we met the last fighter of the year, and it has turned out to be Happy Chaos. The pistol is one of the important characters for the story of Guilty Gear -Strive.

He is the last DLC fighter who will arrive at 2021 Happy Chaos is presented as an extravagant pistol dressed in cartridge, as if an old cowboy dealt with. The combat mechanics of him is centered on his firearms, which allows him to keep the distance with the rival, combining them with different types of Attacks at short distances. He can also invoke a clone that will bring more depth to the character.

The pistol will arrive at the Season Pass 1 of Guilty Gear -strive — the next November 30, and can be purchased individually on December 3. Guilty Gear -Strive — is available on PC, PS4 and PS5 since June 11 and if you want to know more about the latest production ARC System Works, remember that you have available our analysis, where Toni Piedrabuena will tell you all about The interesting playable restart of Guilty Gear.