How to get benefits in Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord

The skills are a great way for you to define your character mount and blade II: banner lord. they determine what your character is good, and the more your character has a particular skill, the more it can acquire advantages to receive additional benefits. The benefits are an important aspect you want your character always has, and add them to your character takes a little time.

To receive benefits for your character, you need it to improve and improve skill. Develop a jurisdiction in banner lord is to make a specific activity still and again. For example, if you want to become better with an arc and improve this skill, you must use it in combat and damage the enemies with one regularly. The same goes for one-handed weapons, with both hands, firearms and tactics of your character. If you ever want to know how to improve a skill, open your character sheet to see any of your skills, click on it, and it should detail what you need to do in banner lord to receive points of experience for that.


Once you have enough levels in this skill, you have the opportunity to choose an advantage in this skill tree. Some skills have only one advantage available at a certain level, but most of your skill tree will give you an option between two of them. You must choose which of these two you want to use by flying over the advantage, clicking on the developed screen that appears describing what your character will receive, then seeing the icon of the advantage become silver. When you choose all the benefits you want to receive, go to the bottom of your character sheet and click Done. It will save all your choices, and you will now receive these benefits whenever you perform this activity.

You want to visit your character sheet often to see what skills you have improved and check if you have unlocked benefits next to this skill. The more advantages, the more you become an influential and powerful leader in which banner lord.