Is the assassin live with Elden Ring ? I tried to challenge the Stealth Action in the new film

Appetite Games is a cinematographic American science fiction tetra logy by Gary Ross (the first opus only) then Francis Lawrence. It is based upon the work in three volumes of the eponymous story of Suzanne Collins. The movies composing this tetra logy are Hunger Gaming (2012), Appetite Gaming: the lighting (2013), Cravings Gaming: the revolt, Part 1 (2014) and also Hunger Gaming: the rebellion, Part 2 (2015). On April 21, 2020, Lions gate officially announced the preparation of the cinematographic adjustment of the Snake as well as the Singer Bird, the prequel book of Suzanne Collins launched in May 2020 occurring 64 years before the original history. The movie, once again routed by Francis Lawrence, will certainly be kipped down 2022.

This time, we will play the network test of Elder Ring. According to the official site, the player character will improve the strength and become a strong warrior or say that the magic is extremely, and the placement can be grown to the play style.

I thought that I was addicted to the past work Senior of the Form Software. If it can be assassin. So this time, Elder Ring will live with the assassin? Challenge the preceding play with Assassin s play style. We introduce the situation in this article.

In addition, since I played in the PS4 regular version and I can not use the type of test version specification, the screenshot is shooting through remote play. Please forgive the image quality.

◆ Back stub from behind = behind

This place tile, but is a back stub (※ In this work, it is noted that a single fiction as a focus. Give great damage to the enemy of the gap and hardly kill most. If you defeat it as it is, it is a powerful action that can be minimized because it does not lead directly to the battle.

A single blow of fatal is triggered by attacking the enemy and attacking the enemy who broke his body. Since it is an assassin, I aim at a blow of fatal from behind in any case. Therefore, the basics act in squatting movement. It moves carefully to avoid barre, and one person is steadily defeating.

◆ The assassin to the character selection, but the appearance is it looks like

First, select the player character. There is a swordsman or Magic Knight in the option, and the initial equipment and status change. It determines the directionally of the place style. There is no assassin.

If it is an assassin, it is characteristic of height of workmanship defeating the other person without notice. So, select Swordsman with high workaround. In addition to the limiter of the initial equipment, the appearance is quite easy with the worms. An atmosphere has come out with how to say assassin works in the desert area.

◆ There is little damage, defeating the opponent steadily... I can play the assassin play!

Clap, but let s say. It is also easy to live for assassin and is likely to be alive and alive.

It is an ambiguous answer, but let s say why I thought that I could survive. While exploring to every corner, the assassin standard weapon Dagger is discovered. It specializes in the fit of fatal, and many enemies can be killed at one shot.

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In addition, squatting movement of this work is quite excellent. It is not almost recognized if you do not enter a view clearly. In addition, you can use Grass, etc. A strange attack from the grass! I can take action.

This work is an open world, and the enemy s camps can also be invaded from eight ways. We invaded the area using the ruins, and one person is steadily defeated... I was able to realize the assassin play who was aiming for.

Of course, basically a single shot killed, so this damage is minimal. If you fight normally, you re a struggling Tower Shield Halberd Equipment Spieled Knight, from behind, Zedong! End.

Even if I could not defeat it with a blow, I flew away, and I lost my fit again and finish again. The moment I look back is the youngest of the June, I enjoyed the assassin play. This work is a death game with high difficulty, but I think that the number of mortality was quite less while searching for fields.

Of particular impressive dungeons called Simulate tunnel. Own tunnel appeared only for enemies immersing in mining. It was very easy to take behind and stable and stable. From behind it s a strong attack → I will break up → A combo that is more damage that is a blow of fatal. I felt that I could capture quite efficiently by assassin play.

◆ 暗 異 形 形 形 ダ ダ ダ ダ ダ ダ ダ ダ ダ ダ

The assassin is why I thought it was hard to live, but first there is a enemy that can not hit a fatal. There is no problem with the general humanoid enemy such as knights and slaves. However, the film software work has an enemies enemy. This work also appears a lot of strange monsters such as giant and huge crab.

These enemies did not trigger a fit of fatal even if attacked from behind. Well, the assassin has no image of interpersonal specialization. In the first place, scenes for force with such enemies were almost now in the range of the test version.

In the large group of such huge salmon, the assassin can only run the tail and escape. In addition, when I went to the development, On the other hand, while there is an enemy that can not hit a fatal, the enemy that breaks the measurement is also increasing compared to the past work.

And Some dungeons need to break through the front. It does not mean that it can be captured from various infiltration routes, but one-way dungeons are still presence. Of course, such a place is waiting for Full Software Enemy Origin.

Enemy that will attack and strike in the corner, enemies who are attacking secretly from long distance Because it was thoroughly squeezed and surrounding the assassin, I was able to notice in advance.

On the other hand, it is possible to challenge from the front, but I can not aim at a fault from behind = I was not aiming for a fault from behind = behind it.

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◆ After all Boss Battle is Machine Battle!

And more than anything, the assassin play in the Boss Battle was impossible. Even though it is found from the beginning. Opening Titan game is promised! You can only be trapped in the limited area of ​​the moving range, and you can only get a machine battle! !

It was expected to be a From Software work and the boss match is likely to be a Machine before playing. Some bosses can fight on the open world, but it is severe to aim at a finger from behind. Never assassin is nothing but nothing. It only faces full power from the front.

In this work, a special technique for consuming and shooting FP (MP), such as war for each weapon. The dagger Red Pier used is a long distance technique Repair Blood Blade to skip the slash.

Sass assail play, equipped was a lightweight armor that is easy to move. Therefore, it is weak and weak, and a blow is great. Media that can attack from the opponent s allocated last minute is a cover of that point. Not only a single hit of fatal but also a big fight. It is just a weapon prepared for assassin.

In addition, there is also a hue that can be summoned NPC easily. There is no number limit and can be used in FP consumption. It is also possible to hit attacks from blind spots in the chances that NPC are being targeted. In other words, you will shoot Reappear s Blood Blade from the Safety Area. This has also been a boss that could be a first look. Boss, it is strange to say.

◆ Even if the assassin is alive, in some cases it is rather strong

Although the assassin can live in Elder Ring this theme Elder Ring? However, if the test version is limited to the. There was a tough scene, but I felt a lot of money, with a few group matches and easy defense other than bosses. There is a sense of superiority to win without doing anything to the other party, and that one shot killing is good.

Even in the boss battle, defeating 10 bottles by the big success of Media. I can t stand because I can t hit my fatal... It will be adjusted in various ways in the product version, but it seemed that assassin is also as a single place style!. I m not looking forward to a fault to a dead enemy yet.

PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | Software Elder Ring for S / STEAM is scheduled to be released on February 25, 2022.