NBA News - If someone wants to fight : Rudy Gobert snaps on to Rangeni on Myles Turner

Rudy Robert clarified after a rendering with Myles Turner in the defeat of Utah Jazz against Indiana Pacers that he is not afraid of Turner. If someone wants to fight, I am easy to reach, Norbert said after the game.

With a guided tour of 11 points and only almost four minutes to play Blocked Turner a Dunk Experiment Roberts from behind, while traps Robert pulled the Pacers Center with himself. Robert would have liked to get a foul whistle at the block, but did not play that he then foul Turner. He fouled me, I was somehow fallen and pulled it down. It was a foul, I fouled him, Norbert said after the game.

Then he got up and pushed me in his back or something. Then nothing happened anymore, Robert led out. In fact, Robert had not really reacted with a counterattack, instead he enveloped Turner with both arms as a hug and seemed to try to rings to the ground. Before that could happen, the two hands were already separated from players and coaches.

Robert had never before fighting with fists against Turner. First, we both know that we will not fight. Players must stop doing so as they would fight, we know that 20 security guards will be between us in 2 seconds, said Robert and added: The Players know that it is good for the cameras, but they know that we will not fight. Guys who do not live hard life should stop to play something.

NBA Today reacts to Myles Turner & Rudy Gobert’s scuffle ????

Robert is obviously not completely inexperienced in terms of martial arts: It s funny, my boxing trainer was at the game today, for the first time this year. But if I do not feel threatened, I will not strike, said the Frenchman and realized: And I did not feel threatened. If someone wants to fight, I am easy to reach. If someone has a problem, but I will not control that about Twitter or WhatsApp.

Mitchell is responsible for referees

With a lock for one or more games in the future, Robert does not expect: I do not find that I should be suspended. A technical foul was attached, but I only grasped him and ensured that he can not do anything anymore. Then I have nothing any more Waited, what happens. He emphasized again: Players must stop doing so as if they wanted war. Just play basketball.

While several players of both teams engaged in the short rack, only Joe Singles and Donovan Mitchell of the game were referenced next to the two centers. In the official report of the NBA after the game, the chief of the referee crew, Ed Malloy explained that the two jazz farmers instituters were brought and the situation to escalate. Singles also got into contact with a referee, which was considered unintentionally.

Mitchell demanded a harder line of the referee after the game, which could prevent the confrontation of his assessment. We arrived at one point where the referees lose control of the game. Attracts a line early instead of building up this shock. Mitchell had the impression that the arbitrators have admitted to a lot of contact early in the game and thus built up frustration on both sides.

Mitchell also explained that the referees had given him right in the halftime that some whistles were wrong. However, the admitted mistakes did not help him at this time in the game, he added.

The Pacers have gained the game against the jazz with 111: 100, which will lose jazz for the first time this season in Utah. Against Indiana, 23 fouls were whistled, against Utah it was 16. In the first half, a total of 18 fouls were spoiled, in the second half came 21 fouls.

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