Netflix, Videogames and Fantasy: The keys of season 2 of The Witcher. Come to the preview in Madrid with 3D games!

The Gerald Legend or Boxer Saga (Pl. Legend O Wiedźminie) is a series of books of the Polish fantasy author Andrew Minkowski based on Main European fairy tales as well as especially Slavic tales, including apology distinct elements. At the facility of the experience, the Witcher is the Gerald of Rival. The real legend is a genealogy (the heritage of the elves, the time of ridicule, fire baptism, the Schwalbenturm, the woman of the lake). Additionally, there are 2 narratives playing in front of the genealogy over Gerald (the last wish, the sword of providence) and the single-band time of the tornado, whose reputation plays between both narratives. In the brief story band something ends, somewhat starts are two even more Gerald stories consisted of. All German translations of the Gerald books are from Erik Simon and were released by DTV. In 1990, the narrative band Będzin showed up in 1990 as the first book on Gerald; The five stories included in it can additionally be discovered in the last wish or something ends, something starts. In April 2018, Minkowski revealed a new unique to Saga for the very first time. It ought to not be an extension of the genealogy, but, similar to time of the tornado, a single novel.

The Witcher series was one of the great protagonists of 2019 for video game fans and series alike. The CD Project franchise is one of the most dear and recognized Sagas de Rol, with one last installment that led excellence Gerald's adventures from Trivia, the protagonist of the stories of Andrew Minkowski, and what gives Life in the series Henry Cavils, who will visit Madrid very soon on the occasion of the premiere of the second season.

The Witcher Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix With desire to be in the preview of the new season of the series in a special way? Because in 3DGEGOS we give you the opportunity to be one of the readers who can enjoy the preview in Madrid with us. How? Very easy! Participate in our contest by answering a series of questions from The Witcher and chooses to be one of the lucky ones who can enjoy the Premiere in Minneapolis with the presence of Trivia Gerald himself, Henry Cavils, next December 9 with One of our double entries. Hurry up and demonstrate that you are an expert in The Witcher! The first to hit the passes take the passes!

The first season was very well-received by the fans, staying for weeks as the most popular series worldwide. The end leaves many loose ends and maintains the uncertainty about some of its key characters, however, the trailers shown throughout this year, have served to reveal some future frames and also to present the new characters

The second season will arrive next December 17 The Universe of The Witcher has had another adaptation that deepened in the history of Semi, one of the faces that will earn importance in this second season. The Witcher: The Logo's nightmare premiered on Netflix on August 23, and it was a great way to calm our appetite for a second season that will be released on this same platform the next December 17.

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Convinced that the life of Jennifer came to an end at the Battle of Sodden, Gerald de Rivia leads to the princess CIRIL LA to the most secure place he knows, his home in Keyed Moorhen. While the kings, elves, humans and demons fight for supremacy, Gerald must protect the girl from something even more dangerous: the mysterious power that hides inside her is the official description of this second Season that will be developed along 8 episodes and on which we tell you its 5 keys.