New Pricing Reported for Dual Universe, as the Demeter Update Approaches

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With the Demeter update coming up, there are brand-new rates changes for Dual Universe, in addition to even more news on exactly how excavation will function if you require assist with it.

The NovaQuark team admits that running the beta has featured learning just exactly how much it costs to both establish and also run a game similar to this. They have been attempting to decrease expenditures on their side, however one aspect they are attempting going ahead is adjustments to the subscription pricing.

Subscription pricing adjustments will just impact brand-new players or players who gave up and sign back up. If you remain subscribed, you ll maintain your price. Registrations will certainly be offered in one month, three months, 6 months, or twelve month increments, all at modified rate tiers.

Dual Universe Community Q&A - Demeter Edition One month by itself will certainly cost $9.99 (United States)/ ₤ 9.99 in the EU. If you subscribe for three months, 6 months, or twelve months, each month s registration rate will certainly decrease by $1/EUR1. The ability to purchase registration time one month at a time is brand-new, though it was a temporary alternative in 2015. The one-month subscription likewise qualifies for rewards if you send it hire a close friend code which person register.

The team is additionally getting everyone ready for the brand-new upgrade, the changes to the setting and the geometry reset. This is the big mining upgrade that they guaranteed. They anticipate that some gamers might have their constructs stuck after the update as well as their structures may be partly buried in the surface. You can sign up for aid from the group to get you dug out, especially if you have a huge construct.

For more on the geometry reset and also the excavation process, see this article. For the full new prices information, see this news on the Dual Universe site.