Nintendo changes music on the new backup system Horizons

The controversy surrounding the lack of use of the cloud backup function in Animal Crossing: New Horizons continued to grow in recent months. Fans claim the ability to safeguard backups in case they lose their data; Nintendo, however, tries to prevent players from manipulating the founding concept of the series — time. At least the reason the producer Hisashi Noemi has given this subject. However, Nintendo has made some changes to his recent animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct who indicate that he has changed his mind.

During the previous Crossing Animal mentioned earlier, it has been declared that Nintendo Switch Online members can only recover the recorded data only once due to the loss or damage to the system - to the big Dam fans watching the world. The players flocked on the internet to express their distress to the situation, and it seems that Nintendo can finally listen.

Nintendo has since updated directly Animal Crossing, posting a new video that indicates that its previous decision on the subject is not final. The new quote reads as follows:

More details on the backup data recovery feature will be shared at a later date.

It will be interesting to see where it will happen next month. You must understand that we will have an update on the issue as soon as possible, because New Horizons should be launched on March 20th. It has been announced recently that New Horizons will use DLC updates throughout the year, instead of having all seasonal updates on the cartridge, once again, to deter players from manipulating time..

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