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NordVPN for each device: The VPN service is available to you on all platforms. Thus, you can use NordVPN among others, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Firefox, Chrome and Linux. Your license allows that you can use with a subscription to up to six devices simultaneously NordVPN. This can be not only your device, but also the protection of family members.

NordVPN for the best and most secure gaming experience

With NordVPN carefree gaming is possible: The VPN service protects you from distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS). Thanks NordVPN does your PC not be used for an attack, yet you will even victims of such attacks. A 100 percent protection, there is not natural, but a VPN considerably reduces the problems associated with it.

Here NordVPN provides high speed. The VPN is a world leader in this category and provides a secure connection with minimum speed loss to one of the more than 5,100 servers worldwide. In addition, your Internet connection is protected from restriction, so that your Internet service provider, this can not slow down.

Even more bonus for gaming: Thanks to the VPNs can ye also secure exclusive content such as special skins, pre-order bonuses or more are only available in certain countries or regions. simply selects the appropriate server, and you can already enjoy the benefits of the country.

Additional features of NordVPN:

Dedicated IP address, which is used only by you Multi-factor authentication for added security of your account North One click and the protection is active mask IP address Because it can change your two-fold Double protection IP address Worldwide access and expert customer service around the clock

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Your data is protected: NordVPN pursued and does not collect data from you. You will also be shared with anyone, not sold.

Your information do not concern us. We have strict no logs principles that have been examined by external auditors and confirmed.

NordVPN ensures safe Internet, safe streaming and the best possible gaming experience. So your data is safe, there is also a kill switch function. Cancels your compound NordVPN automatically closes each selected prior to application. This leads to prevent unwanted unencrypted data transmission.

Furthermore you can with NordVPN annoying malware, botnets and Advertising block. Thanks to the encryption of NordVPN and anonymity of The Onion Router you are also completely invisible way.

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Why does a VPN worth

Whether you find yourselves at home in the wireless and Internet or in a public Wi-Fi are traveling, a VPN can protect you everywhere from the potential dangers. NordVPN gives you a worry free experience.