PS5: This 99 cent game uses the PS5

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The PS5 is now for almost a year on the market. One of the biggest surprises is still the Dual Sense, which provides many features for more immersion. However, many studios do not use the controller completely. But now published a PS5-exclusive game in the PS Store, which provides these features to the fore.

It is the small, inconspicuous Title Finger Fitness. This was published on 15 November 2021 without notice from PlayStation Store. The game falls well as the first to be its low price and then by its simple platinum trophy. Because for the euro, which will cost the game, you need about ten to 15 minutes to get to the coveted precious chalice.

That s fingers Fitness

Genre: clicker

Sony идет под суд. Общая проблема DualSense Platform: PS5 Price: 0.99 EUR

What it s: Finger Fitness is a very simple clicker. You press a specific key and is rewarded with a point. With these you can, you buy upgrades, making the game gradually automatic expires. The name while here it all. As you must with your index fingers at the same time the shoulder buttons press. Much more there is not to experience in the game.

What makes it so special: Normally might finger fitness being labeled as typical clicker, and it is largely too. But by connecting the dual sense it is one of the most fun platinum trophies that you can, you currently get for the price. Because the further it progresses, the more difficult it is purely squeezed the trigger. Moreover, haptic feedback that is more intense.

The game shows simple but effective way, a way in which a gameplay idea can be extended useful by the dual sense. Meanwhile also run two sugary J-pop songs in the background, which vary between catchy potential and absolutely annoying.

So you get the Platinum : A total you need about 10 minutes to get all the achievements. For that just have only so long to play their values ​​Stamina and Efficiency at level 23, all environments have enabled and is one of the animals at the highest level. Already you have a new platinum in the digital trophy cabinet.

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Collect her platinum trophies and if so, how many do you have?