Rainbow Six Siege advances new season and weapon

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RAINBOW SIX SIXE Advances for the next game of content of the game have begun to appear online with one of the first advances that the arrival of a new weapon has already insinuated. The new season itself apparently called High Caliber according to the teaser, and it seems that the weapon that will be added soon will be an SMG. Ubisoft has not yet announced anything official about next season, but we hope that will change soon considering how the next Great Game Electronic Sports Event is coming.

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Ubisoft Will ADD a *NEW* Weapon in NEW Season Operation High Caliber - Rainbow Six Siege

The next teaser was shared in the rainbow six siege account of twitter this week to insinuate what is coming. It was only a short video, mostly static, who showed a gun in the hands of an operator, but the text at the bottom reveals the name of next season.

You will need bigger rounds if you want to do the work. pic.twitter.com/thay8qswop.

  • Rainbow Six Siege (@ Rainbow6Game) November 1, 2021

While the weapon itself does not have an explicit name, some text on the side of the weapon indicates that it will be an SMG. He says SMG5 MK 2.50 GI, which has led players to speculate about what the weapon could really be, but Ubisoft has not yet confirmed his plans.

The operator itself has not been teasing yet unless that character is the one who holds the weapon in this video, but according to the community data mining efforts online in advance, we have an idea of ​​who could be the next. According to rainbow Six Siege Minero data Benjaminstrike, the new character will be an operator called Thorn that will occupy the role of defender. Apparently, she will have a device called «Razorbloom Shell» that adheres to the surfaces and is activated once an attacker activates the sensor and the result is an explosion of high-speed projectiles. It is assumed that the character is equipped with more than one of these razorbloom shells to allow him to protect the goals from different points of entry.

Everything that is subject to change, as everything that is extracted from data in rainbow six siege, but should not spend much time before we can learn more about the plans for the next season. The next Great Game Electronic Sports Event, the Six Sweden Major 2021, will take place on November 8 and the finals will be held on November 14. Ubisoft usually likes to save your rainbow Six Siege reveals for the stages of ESPORTS, so we should see more information about the High Caliber season, if not before.