The boss of Battlefield 2042 states that the comments on the beta were extremely positive

Battlefield 2042 had its beta period last month, and the CEO of EA, Andrew Wilson, revealed to the public during the recent conference call on the results of Electronic Arts that the comments they received after the beta were extremely positive. According to Wilson, the public welcome regarding the beta version was generally good, with some areas that needed to work.

In the whole, the returns of the beta were extremely positive., Wilson said. They discovered that the fans of Battlefield 2042 were discussing some elements of the beta, which, according to him, are pas against nature in beta. We have been able to take into account these comments around these constructive elements and really integrate them into the game. He added.

Wilson also reminded the player from the players that the beta version of Battlefield 2042 was actually based on an older version of the game, compared to what was actively developed at the time when Dice and EA have performed the test. Despite this, Wilson reiterated that Battlefield 2042 was, something that the community receives very well, very well and is really, really excited.

The developer of Battlefield 2042 also compared the exit schedule of the game at the dull launch of Battlefield 5. He stated that the team had noticed that there was a much higher demand for Battlefield 2042 than for the last entry of the Series, most likely due to the arrival of the current generation of new consoles.

It should be noted, however, that an eminent initiated from Battlefield 2042 has recently warned players that a big problem discovered in the beta will not be resolved at the official launch of the game next month. I have contacted some DICE developers with respect to Battlefield 2042 Frame Falling problems in the advertisements, the initiate wrote. The consensus was: That s what until after the launch.

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There is no confirmation of this information, but if it is true, it could be a big problem for Battlefield 2042 and could have a considerable impact on its stellar reviews so far. After all, as the proverb says, You only have one impression. Considering that Battlefield 2042 will be launched very close to Halo Infinite and Call of Duty: Vanguard, EA and Dice can certainly not afford that this happens.

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