The new Overwatch comic will reveal details about the change of name of Cole Cassidy

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Earlier this year, SUPERVISION McCrae received a new name: Cole Cassidy. Activision Blizzard made the name change as part of an effort to distance the company from the former employee Jesse McCrae, but until now an explanation has not been provided in the game of change. However, it seems that he will change in a new series of Dark Horse Comics! Overwatch: New Blood is a five-part digital limited series written by Ray Fawkes, with Art of Irene KOH. The series apparently will be related to the New Blood challenge of Cassidy this week, which will begin in Supervision as of November 9.

Supervision The announcement of Cassidy s New Blood Challenge, along with the Dark Horse reaction, can be found below.

At the time of writing these lines, Dark Horse has not announced a launch date for the first overwatch number: New blood. The name change from McCrae to Cole Cassidy is produced as part of an Activision Blizzard effort to eliminate the content that is named after several ex employees, including Jesse McCrae, Luis Barrier and Jon Le craft. In August, Blizzard promised to make changes in the company after the accusations of racism, sexism and culture of fraternity boys. As part of those changes, the company indicated that it would alter several names, places and references in their games.

Time Supervision Cole Cassidy is easily the most high profile name change resulting from Blizzard s efforts, the game is not the only one that presents references to McCrae. In fact, Munro from Warcraft similarly, has eliminated several references to the former staff member, while changing a series of suggestive references. It remains to be seen how Cole you will get the new name of it in Supervision Lore, but storing fans of the game will be happy to obtain an explanation that addresses the change, independently.

Overwatch - NEW COLE CASSIDY SKIN CHALLENGE Supervision is currently available at PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and PC. You can check our previous game coverage right here.

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