The popular TFUE Streamer faces heat after having uttered a racial insult in a broadcast flow

Turner TFE Tenney is one of the most popular streamers in the world. With nearly 7 million fans on Twitch, TFE has a very wide audience. You imagine that this could make it very much attention to what he says and does, but you would be wrong. TFE ​​is under the fire after taking a racial insult at a Minecraft stream the other day. TFE ​​has since deleted the flow of its platforms, but of course, once you put something on the internet, it is there forever. The clips of this incident quickly resurface.

Banned on Twitch for 30 Days (Explanation)

This is not the first time that TFE is in difficulty. He had his suspended account twice before. Once to be toxic for another streamer and another time to use other racial insults. So, this is not the first time it happens. If the TFUE account is suspended for the third time, this could lead to a permanent prohibition. Twitch applies a three stroke policy.

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While this would probably mean a permanent prohibition for any regular streamer, TFE is one of the most popular people on the platform. Twitch may hesitate to remove one of his stars from the platform, which would certainly mean losing tons of viewers. Ninja, the biggest star of Twitch, recently left the platform. It will be interesting to see which line of driving is taken by Twitch.


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