Tousart explains Hertha-PSG

Funny Lucas Court finds what his coach says. Like a lion fighting the Frenchman without end for the team, says Pal Cardie. The lion, answers Court in the Lucas interview (Monday edition), prevails in the realm of the animals. And he is the symbol of the city Lyon and my former team Olympic Lyon. So the comparison fits very well, he likes it.

After almost one and a half years in Berlin, the Frenchman is still nobody who spits big sounds or causes them in the square. But thats just as planned: Its part of my game and my profile not to be in the foreground, explains Court. Im a shadow player. I have my qualities, but above all, Im trying to highlight my teammates by conquering balls and passing them and put them in scene.

Team player like Court Bertha had too little in the pasta seasons, therefore the course has changed after the voluminous January 2020, in which Court had been required. And the Securer welcomes: Bertha bought many players at that time, too. Then Corona came, which has changed financially much. And it is true: The club has changed his concept and gives more time for the hoped-for development. This new concept much better. Money, he says, does not always trigger problems quickly, it also needs some time and hard work. Pal Cardie, with whom I feel very well, is also for this course change.

Nevertheless, the Berliners find themselves again in the upcoming Derby at Union (Saturday, 6.30 pm, live! At Lucas) again in the lower table in the table. Bertha could become a club like Paris, said Court on his arrival in the previous year. Does he still look like that? When I signed, I knew where Bertha knew in the table. I realized that it did not go to the Champions League within one or two years. My comparison with PSG referred to the capital as a location factor. Bertha must Capital Club in the medium term the goal of playing internationally.

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What Court thinks about the derby as he sees his chances in the French national team and as he sees his future — the whole interview read in the current Lucas or hear in the magazine!