We are giving away pubg: New State Merch!

Feel happy? Well, you should be. If you look forward to the start of PUBG: New State, Grafton s new mobilized Battle-Royale experience, then we have good news for you: we are giving away some launch-goodies.

That s right, we have teamed up with our friends of Grafton and the PUBG Studios to give away some gaming goodies to celebrate the start of the game on November 11th. New State reached 40,000,000 pre-registrations in mid-September, so it looks like the developer has another hit in the hand.

And if you look at the game, it s hard to contradict the hype. PUBG: New State offers the original Battle-Royale experience of PUBG Mobile and gives the genre with new weapons, gadgets and vehicles a futuristic twist. Grafton says that it will be one of the most realistic and technologically advanced mobile games to this day, and honestly we can not wait — as it has a new and improved anti-cheat system.

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D-5 (Recruit) | PUBG: NEW STATE But what goodies do you have for us? Nice to ask you. We are giving away a pretty little package with a pub: New State gift box, facial mask and hoodie — perfect if you are traveling this winter.

TL — PUBG: New State Giveaway

To win the merch, you must be based in Europe and perform the actions required above in the Gleam widget. We do not need much of them, but we need your full name and e-mail address so that we can contact you next week if you are selected as a happy winner. Do not worry, we promise you that we will not send you spam.

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Much luck!