What does the Rapid future look like? We do not want to be a copy of Salzburg

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A lot is happening at SK Rapid. At Sky President Martin Bruckner spoke about the pressierenden topics: From Neo-coach Ferdinand Hofer field to Players out on loan Yusuf Emir.

With Ferdinand Hofer field of SK Rapid presented a new head coach on Sunday. By Master-center-back 2005 Bruckner hopes attractive football: We went to the Leibniz time of Ferdinand Hofer field considered, not just the WAC-time and there we saw something that we want to have that. Namely, a team that is oriented offensive, fighting together, wins and goes forward. We shall see.

Bruckner added: We want to be a copy of Salzburg. We have our own ideas. If you look at our Academy teams, then you see this clear game orientation. Of course, were other candidates in the race.

If you believe rumors, which for Israel team manager Will Ruttensteiner applies. I will be now aware not name names. Because a decision for one is not necessarily a decision against another person. But we have talked to many to explore how far is the willingness to go that way with us at all. We just want to go through with this concept. I now do not need, which follows a different philosophy, said Bruckner. It makes no sense. We need someone who is ready to make this path with us. But Will Ruttensteiner is an interesting name that should be on everyone's list.

With 15 players expiring contracts Feldhofer can probably make the squad in the summer together with sporting director Zoran Basic after his ideas. We have very good quality extends the cadres and Loki already has the right players, brought the play that we want to play. The one must stop also used accordingly, analyzes Bruckner. We took pace and have the transfers aware of the speed to get back. We will continue on this path and if we do it right, and you see the success, then we will give later, all right.

Bruckner: Emir? Have not planned the millions

Not return will probably Yusuf Emir. Even if Barça does not consider the purchase option is probably another option for the awarded Rapid talent. A million-release would be extremely important for Rapid. The times are not easy for football club. Now is not normal that one makes a profit and can keep easily than water. We have carefully mismanaged. It is important for us to lead the club in this difficult situation properly and carefully and the money then spend when we have it. We have not planned the millions, we do not air shops. If it is there, we will use it accordingly, said Bruckner.

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An investor, similar to city rivals Austria Vienna, but would in any case not an option: It is for us not an issue. We are a members club and believe in the concept of members of the association. We'll just continue on this path, because we have the reins in our hands, do not have others looking for someone with an equalizer, but may in the long term to get the best for the club. Furthermore, we want to remain the master of its own house. An investor who needs short-term success. For are projects that go beyond two or three years a bit suspect.