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Battlefield 2042 is here and seems to be the anchor of the series in this generation of consoles, at least in the foreseeable future. Not only brings new game modes such as Hazard Zone, and takes place in a new environment in the near future with powerful specialists in No pat, but also has a personalized game mode known as portal where players can mix and combine maps, modes of game. And Battlefield eyeglass weapons together to create unique and fun game modes.

This will have to be enough because it will be the first Battlefield game in a few years that it will not have any kind of history mode. All game modes will be competitive multiplayer. That said, you can organize matches against the IA if you are a little nervous about jumping directly to chaos.

This Battlefield 2042 will help you wet your feet while you start your new and promising career as a No pat mercenary who fights in a desperate war in an agonizing world. We will cover the basic concepts, the general information of the game and some mode-specific guides.

Wiki Battlefield 2042 Republic Guide

Release date: November 19, 2021

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Developer : EA says Editor : her Platforms : PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S.

General information

PC specifications

Basic concepts

Change weapons Throw pomegranates Use Gadgets and specialized gadgets

Battlefield 2042 - Game Modes Developer Interview | Xbox Games Showcase How body and elimination How to sprint and run faster Grouch and lie down face How to make the map appear Edit attachments and use the bar in t Aircraft and turbocharged vehicles How to go out and upload to vehicles. How to deploy a parachute Use alternative shooting mode How to make ping Stabilize your reach (breathing)

Danger zone and door

How to get black market credits and buy weapons How to deploy and reappear in the danger zone Extract and find data units

We warm our wiki with more guides and practical advice while playing, so it returns soon.