Zander wobbles, Medic falls off: St. Pauli rotated against FCN

The Kietezcoach Timo from the Hamburg red-light district are still playing a stick-strong second division season and greet the table tip. Of course, this also likes St. Pauli coach Time Schultz: Basically, that feels better when you stand up in the table as below. Decisive for him, however, however, that we know that we have developed that — and stay it, so that the situation remains as long as possible.

Nuremberg Followers to crack outstanding Athenian

St. Pauli can be found on Sunday at the 1st FC Nuremberg (13.30 live! At coach Timo) next time on Sunday. This is not easy, according to Schultz, however, Nuremberg is definitely the most stable team this season. In my eyes, they have greatly reinforced and play a very stable round. Tactical flexibility and clear processes would help. Last but not least, this is also due to the strong defensive of the francs, which had to accept the very least matches of the league with 12 goals: Especially in the defensive speaks the small number of goals for them, says Schultz.

Have You Heard of German Football’s Cult Club? | FC St Pauli | Trans World Sport This is also a goalkeeper Christian Athenian, who has stood three times in the eleven of the day by his achievements. Surely also Athenian, who until now plays a superior round and certainly belongs to the strongest goalkeepers of the league, a big factor in the Nuremberg, said the Hamburg coach, who has to do without Jakob Medic in their own defensive and also Luca Wander can not already schedule.

System change possible?

In the English Week you wanted to put in the brown-white but anyway on one or the other position a bit of freshness, says Schultz, who wants to change against a tactically similar opponent regardless of his failures change: They play one Very similar system, we have to look like we can react. The 44-year-old can not look into the cards. Ultimately, however, he does not care which names are on the court — the main thing is the current situation still as long as it is.