Asmodee acquires the miniature market

Model is a French publisher of board video games, card video games as well as role-playing games (RPGs). Established in 1995 to create their own games as well as to release and also distribute for various other smaller sized game programmers, they have actually because gotten countless other board game authors.

Model has been quite active lately, since they recently bought Board Game Arena and are currently in the process of being purchased by Embrace Group AB for around 2.75 billion. It also turns out that they have purchased another important company, which was learned during a recent presentation on its purchase by embers, revealed that they had purchased a popular miniature market game and miniature market at the beginning of this year (through BGG). During that presentation, one of the speakers referred to the global distribution network of Model and the work of him with as many editorials as the Steam platform of board games and does not seem to be so far away.

We will have to wait and see how Miniature Market is used under Model and if the new company's home affects it in some way. During the presentation, the executive director of Model, Stéphane Camille, spoke a little about Model's approach as a distributor and what it implies deciding an acquisition.

When we incorporated a new study as an external editor we distribute, it is a great platform for future acquisitions. We tried the performance of the games, we developed a solid relationship with the study team and, over the years, when it is the right time, if we believe it is the right time for us and the study, we propose them to join Our family... because we know very well the team and its performance, 100% of the acquisitions we made are basically growing from the start date. That is very important in the context of the understanding of the Model model, said Camille.

He can find official details in the press release on the acquisition of embarked. Ofasmodee below.

«Embrace Group AB (» Embrace ), has initiated exclusive negotiations to acquire Financier Amuse Top co SAS ( Model ) of advisory funds or administered by Pie Partners SAS ( PAY ) and other MODEL shareholders. Subject to the end of the consultation of the corresponding company committee of the Model Group on this proposed transaction, and the exercise by the Model shareholders of its Sales Option, Embrace and MODEL shareholders would implement a stock purchase agreement to complete the transaction. The acquisition is finally completed, would mark a strategic step to expand the Ecosystem of the Group Embrace, since Model and Embrace share a natural and strong link in its strategy and cultures.

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