BVB vs. FC Bayern: Zickler enthuses BVB

FIFA 22 - Borussia Dortmund vs Bayern Munich | Bundesliga - CRAZY MATCH! - UHD 4K Co-trainer Alexander Tickler from the Football Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund enthuses before the top game against his ex-club FC Bayern by BVB-Wunderstürmer Erlang Haaland.

I've already met Erlang in Salzburg. He was already special and brutally ambitious at that time, he has lived for his passion and for the success. Now he has extremely much personality to get there, Tickler said the newspapers of the Funk Media Group, He made a jump again.

Sometimes Tickler attaches special layers with the 21-year-old Norwegian. He has an extraordinary speed, finds the right running paths. But he also realized that less sometimes is more, often the simple completion of the better, said the former attacker.

There are little things he could give Haaland. For example, if it goes against teams who stand on his feet, then he can not let him get out of his game. He has to stay calm.