New Labyrinth Exploration RPG Soul Tide (Soul Tide) Pre-registration reception started! New Year Oversized Campaign with a prize for up to 10,000 yen is also started!

Joy Games is a new year oversized campaign that commemorates pre-registration from today to 100 normal labyrinth RPG Soul Tide (Soul Tide) from today (December 28) today (Soul Tide '(Soul Tide) He knew to start.

A super luxurious campaign held by prizes for up to 10000 yen!

Joy Games is a new year oversized campaign that commemorates pre-registration from today to 100 normal labyrinth RPG Soul Tide (Soul Tide) from today (December 28) today (Soul Tide '(Soul Tide) let's start doing....

Don't miss a chance to hit a prize for up to 10,000 yen. As we can participate every day from December 28 to 7, please check Seoul Tide official Twitter at this opportunity!

Seoul Tide Official Twitter Held Pre-registration start commemoration & New Year Campaign to commemorate that pre-registration of this work is started from February 28 (Tuesday) today!

February 28, 2021, January 3, 2022, a chance to hit Pay of up to 10,000 yen for 1,000 people in lottery! A total of 7 participants can be participated once every time during the period.

· Application method 1. Following @ Soul tide JP 2. Participating in the target tweets from the lottery URL 4. Results on the spot · The result comes out · The holding period 2021/12/28 (Tuesday) 0:00 to 2022/1 / 3 (Mon) 23:59 · prizes Salary Pay 10,000 yen or 200 yen × 1000 people

Today's official site is also released!

A beautiful official site representing a world view of Seoul Tide is also released from today! Please check it!

Seoul Tide -The Official Site

What is Seoul Tide ?

Story spun with more than one full number of characters

The stage of Seoul Tide is the crescent continent that the battle between the cult team and the witch have been unfolded. There, a boundary with an inserting magic power appeared. The boundary is a labyrinth made in countless dimensions, and the witch seems to have more conspiracy......

Although the group has tried to explore the boundary, the labyrinth will swallow the soul of the person. Therefore, the existence is born, called sleeping dolls that summon the older world's dead from the three daylight continent and realizes and revealed it.

You will be appointed to doll use, which LEDs the dolls summoned from different worlds, and searching for dangerous lines.

Believe with the hometown and dolls broken by the witch. Together with unique friends, the welfare of the labyrinth.

New sense of labyrinth search function

This work is a labyrinth search RPG depicting the story of doll use to explore the labyrinth that strikes the summoned doll on the stage of the three-day moon continent.

The player will use a doll puppet, and will explore the witch's boundary with the doll. The labyrinth exploration is a unique system that can choose where players go to.

The mystery solving element at the every other labyrinth solving element can launch the device, avoid trapping, etc. to enjoy the pleasure to cut off the way.

Sleeping doll giving a luxury voice actor life

Sleeping dolls summoned from different worlds have many variations, such as the goddess, the girl's daughter, and the daughter of the devil to the vampire and Goblin, and surely you find your favorites. Deeply dating with them, deepen your bond.

Also, the voice actor of the character is only a luxurious voice actor. Nakamura Mai, Yumi, Anymore Yuri, Takanashi See-saw and 20 voice actors pull out the charm of the character.

Details of pre-registration are here

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Soul Tide (Soul Tide)

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