Sony: High-ranking PlayStation leadership after pedophilia

The Story of the Playstation (Complete Series) [feat. Drunk Metroid] To Catch A Predator was an American television program moderated by Chris Hansen. In these, people were allowed to listen to the Internet, who exchanged inappropriate news with supposedly minor online inappropriate news and invited them to a meeting.

A similar concept has the YouTube channel People v. Press. The channel now includes just under 100 episodes, and in Episode 93, the group allegedly contacted George CaciPoppo, a Senior Vice President of Sony Interactive Entertainment, who has been working on PlayStation Store since 2013. People v. Press arises to have spent as a 15-year-old boy on the dating page Grind and started a chat with Cacioppo, who is to use online the pseudonym Jeff. According to the YouTuber, Cacioppo invited the supposedly 15-year-old home.

The video itself is Jeff to see how he wears a PS5 shirt, and the member of People v. Press strikes the door in front of the nose. Although no crime or the like are shown in the video, and the identity of Cacioppo can not be properly confirmed, People v. Press, however, divided some screenshots of chat courses. These also include an alleged selfie of Cacioppo, which carries the same T-shirt as Jeff.