Starting and descent: That's how it works in the Hessenliga

Hesse league relegation round are currently all in hibernation. So it is clear which teams will participate in the coming year in the ascent or descent Round the top division Hesse. Regarding the points driving for the season finale, however, engages in Hesse a special rule. So every team carries only the points with goals against the teams that have qualified Round descent in the same season also for the up /. Tabulated the cards in the two new league blocks were therefore reshuffled again.

promotion round

1. Concord Stadtallendorf (5-2-1), 17 points (18: 7 goals) 2 . FC Eddersheim (4-1-3), 13 points (15-11 goals) 3 . SG baroque town (4-1-3), 13 points (13:13 goals) 4 . SV RAW Hadar (4-1-3), 13 points (13:18 goals) 5 . SC Hesse Reach (4-0-4), 12 points (15:15 goals) 6 . SC Wildfires (3-2-3), 11 points (17:15 goals) 7 . FC Expense (3-2-3), 11 points (12:12 goals) 8th. Us Dietkirchen (2-2-4), 8 points (15:16 goals) 9 . PSV Forward (1-4-3), 7 points (13:18 goals) 10 . SV Neuron (2-1-5), 7 points (9:15 goals)

Bilim İnsanlarının Kullandığı Ezberleme Taktiği!

Let's first take a look at the upcoming Masters round where you find on closer inspection needs, not as one of the leaders of the A- or B-season, but second-placed from the Yessenia A, the Contract Stadtallendorf that the poles position has secured in the promotion race. With 17 points and a four-point cushion harmony starts in the Masters round. Behind it Eddersheim, Baroque city Hadar rows, each with 13 points. The biggest damper suffered B-season champion Hesse Reach. Of 41 points from the qualifying round of the SCUD may only take twelve in the Masters round.

The first place in the master round is rewarded with the direct ascent. By contrast, the second-placed denies the relegation to the Regionally. If this waives any right or are not admitted to the Regional, the teams can to fourth perceive the relegation law.


1. FC Bayern ALENA (5-5-0), 20 points (22:10 goals) 2 . SV Rot-Weiss Walldorf (5-2-3), 17 points (19:16 goals) 3 . SC Viktoria Gresham (5-1-4), 16 points (21:17 goals) 4 . FM Bad Viable (4-3-3), 15 points (8:11 goals) 5 . SV Waldheim (4-2-4), 14 points (22:15 goals) 6 . Turk Guru Friedberg (3-5-2), 14 points (17:16 goals) 7 . PSV Brutal (4-2-3), 14 points (14:14 goals) — postponed match 8th. Outfielder SV (3-3-4), 12 points (14:15 goals) 9 . SV Buchanan Flieden (3-2-4), 11 points (15:21 goals) — postponed match 10 . Manager FC (2-4-4), 10 points (14:15 goals) 11 . SV Staubach (2-4-4), 10 points (13:17 goals) 12 . CFB Gingham (1-3-6), 6 points (10:23 goals)

Next in a relegation battle: Listed is the relegation round of FC Bayern ALENA (20 points), followed closely by Rot-Weiss Walldorf (17 points) and the SC Viktoria Gresham (16 points), who have also developed an excellent starting point and likely to not have to reckon with the descent. Considerably more problematic is the situation on the other hand from tenth down from where Haney and Staubach are with ten points ahead of bottom club CFB Gingham, who was able to gather so far only six dots. Even the PSV Brutal and SV BUCHANAN FLIED EN that will face still in a catch-up game, are safe in the relegation round.

How many teams are ultimately affected by direct descent or descent relegation, is still unclear. As the Hessian Football Association but already announced early in the season, there may be up to six relegated.

Haney hit hard by the league system

The biggest loser of the Hessian league system is undoubtedly the FC Haney. The team of PRESO Juridic missed not only the promotion round with a dot pitch on the SV Neuron scarce, but is now also in the middle of a relegation battle. Because the Manager largely brought their points against teams from the top half of the table, the Oberlin now needs only 10 points on the third-last place in the relegation round start: By comparison with 14 points against teams from the top half would have Haney in Mastermind second place secured. An extremely bitter pill for the FCC.