The developer of Warzone Raven Software provides for a disengagement today

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Raven Software, Call of Duty Developer: War zone, team members organized a debating today. The disengagement follows the dismissal of twelve testers of Raven Software Quality Assurance.

In a statement published in press, Raven Software members detailed the dismissals of December 3rd quality assurance testers. The reaction, in the statement, presented by the Raven Software team is that of betrayal and anger towards Activision. The declaration described the state of the department until March, which included a lack of standard promotions or increases.

Community Manager associated with Raven Software, Austin O'Brien, tweeted on the situation.


My Quality Assurance Friends at Raven have been promising, for months, Activision worked on a restructuring of wages to increase their wages. Said O'Brien in the Tweet.

On the contrary, the promise of an increase in wages appeared like a mirage at the beginning of the dismissals. In addition, now completed, the stories of QA testers are described in the declaration.

Several of those who have been fired have recently moved to Wisconsin... They did it without the help of Raven with relocation.

Surprisingly, these layoffs occur at the time of a new update of Call of Duty: War zone. The mode of play, according to the press release, currently reports $5.2 million a day. Activision itself has carried out more than $2 billion in profits in the last quarter of 2021, according to a financial report.

It's unfair for those people to chain them, to promise them something better, then let them go. Said O'Brien in a tweeter.

The members of the Raven team ensured that their statement was clear. The statement indicates that each QA tester needs full-time positions, including those that have been terminated. The team members declare that the licensed A testers were in good standing.

Activision released a statement saying: Activision Publishing increases its overall investment in its development and exploitation resources. We will convert about 500 temporary workers into full-time employees in the coming months. Unfortunately, as part of this change, we also informed 20 temporary studios that their contracts would not be prolonged. »

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