The Matrix Awakens is the new Matrix game with Unreal Engine 5 that has been filtered for PS5

Matrix's new film arrives in just a few weeks to the planet cinemas, but it seems that there is also good news for the fans of the saga in terms of video games. And it is that a new Matrix game has been filtered this week, thanks to the list on PlayStation Network.

They have been on Reddit where they have echoed this information, which is accompanied by a promotional image of the work. It would take by title The Matrix Awakens, and it is an experience that would probably be related to the new movie. So far, its publication will be confirmed at PlayStation 5, although we would have to wait to see if it is launched on more platforms.

New Matrix Game Leaked - Matrix Awakens Unreal Engine 5 Experience I would use Unreal Engine 5, the last Epic engine the most curious thing about this is that it is a experience with Unreal Engine 5. It is not a ballad theme, since this stands out asking on the filtered poster, so it can be expected to make a good use of the technology and power of the last EPIC engine to offer a striking final result at the visual level, although surely with A duration not very extensive.

At the moment, more details of the game are unknown, so it's time to wait for an official confirmation. The next film in the saga is The Matrix Resurrections, which comes next December 22 to theaters around the world with the return of Keanu Reeves in the role of Neo. In 3DGEGOS we remind you of matrix-based video games that we have had so far. Could we see more in the future?